January 29, 2010

Weekend Snow Storm

We're expecting a big snow storm here in middle Tennessee tonight. They are predicting 7-8", which I know isn't that much to some people, but around here that is a huge storm. Unfortunately for our weekend plans this storm couldn't have come at a worse time. This weekend we are having Sean Baptized. Because our church requires proof from the Godparents that they are "good" Catholics, we do not have many choices for Godparents. Since some of my family doesn't fit the qualifications, Pat and I have decided not to use family. However, I do not have any friends that also fit that qualification, so for both kids we've used Pat's friends. Pat had two girl friends (one is going to be Sean's Godmother and the other one is Ryan's Godmother) flying in today for the Baptism, but their flight was cancelled this morning due to the predicted storm. Since it would be such a short visit anyway, they are unable to come out. Pat's friend John (Sean's Godfather) was trying to drive up from Atlanta today, but has had to pull over for the night due to the storm. Hopefully John will be able to make it up here tomorrow so that we'll have one of the godparents at the Baptism. (Just a note though: We've talked to the church and can have a random person stand in for the ceremony if no one can make it)
Despite the snow ruining our weekend plans, I'm excited to see Ryan play in it. I'm hoping to get some photos tomorrow morning (if my camera is working right because it has been acting up lately). I'm also glad that it is happening on a weekend when Pat can be around to see Ryan enjoy it. Hopefully I'll get around to baking a cake tomorrow for the Baptism, and maybe I'll post a picture of that too.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend plans. Hopefully the weather isn't messing up your plans as much as it is mine.


Jennifer said...

wow. Crazy. It is definitely hard finding godparents that fit the qualifications:) I can relate:) I don't know what we are going to do for Troy. We will probably get him baptized in Rhode Island when we go home in July. Are you all attending mass regularly now? We are going on post to a Catholic Church every Sunday. I really enjoy it. I am also doing this bible study that is really great:) Hope you have a wonderful baptism day and everything works out:)

Devon said...

I hope you are able to go through with everything and friends are able to make it in safely! Congratulations on the baptism! I know that is an exciting time!

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