January 9, 2010

Highlights of Yesterday

It was another really cold day out yesterday, and we still had some snow flurries. As a result of the weather my plans were cancelled for the second day in a row. It was supposed to be so cold out with the windchill that I didn't even want to let Ryan out to play. That meant a day in the house, which often means boredom for Ryan. I guess I am a little thankful for Ryan's obsession with the Little Einsteins. And in fairness to the show I am impressed with all the things he learns from it. There were a few highlights to my day yesterday.
Ryan and Sean interacted back and forth for the first time. Sean was sitting propped up next to me and Ryan was on my other side. Ryan looked at Sean and started saying "Hi", which he says in such a sweet, high voice that is absolutely too cute. Sean started to smile and coo. Ryan started laughing, and then Sean started laughing back. It was such a great moment for me to observe. I think it was just a sign of all the fun they will have together in the future.
After dinner Sean seems to take a little cat nap which gives me time to cuddle with Ryan and get him ready for bed. Tonight while I was snuggling Ryan, I told him I love him. I asked if he loved me, and he nodded yes. This was a happy moment for me because Ryan loves to say no to everything. I don't think he's ever responded yes to that question before. I'm hoping someday in the near future he'll say "I love you".

Lastly, I made the manicotti, and Ryan really liked it. I didn't realize how much more work it would be than stuffed shells. I completely didn't think about how I'd fill the manicotti. Thankfully my cake decorating bags came in quite handy. I'll also add that manicotti is rather difficult to serve without having it fall apart. I have a new appreciation for those that make and serve manicotti. Speaking of manicotti, it reminds me of the first time Pat took me to his home back in college. We went out to an Italian restaurant. That night was a perfect date. We never really talk about that date, but in my memory it was like a scene from a romance novel. I ordered the manicotti, which is odd because that isn't a normal choice of mine (in fact I don't think I had it since that date until tonight). I have no idea what made me choose that but I did. I also remember how I had been nervous before going home and how that dinner just solidified my idea that he was the one for me. It was a candle lit dinner where the room just glowed, and it felt like we were the only two in the restaurant. The conversation was effortless, and the smile never left my face. I'm not sure if Pat knows how fondly I remember that night. I'll have to mention that date to him when I serve the rest of the manicotti that I froze.

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Jennifer said...

awh. very sweet:) the dinner memory and the boys laughing together:) the article made me smile:)

on another note, pampered chef sells the easy accent decorator for 20 dollars and i have been told it can be used to fill mancotti, i have never made mancotti, but i use it for filling my deviled eggs:)

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