January 2, 2010

Goals for the New Year

I wanted to set aside some goals for the new year. There is a lot I want to promise that I'll do. I'm not so sure I'll be follow through with it all though.

~Cook More and Meal Plan~I want to try new recipes and cook different things more often. With Pat being away so much this coming year, I think planning out my meals in advance will be a great help.

~Meet More People/Friends~I want to try to put myself out there to meet more people/friends. I know that it will be stepping outside my comfort zone, but I think that is what I need to do.

~Get Back into Scrapbooking~I haven't done any of the photos in a very long time (as in years). I have all the photos set aside, but just haven't had time to make the pages and put them in the books.

~Take Better Care of Myself~I want to start taking care of my body and mind like I know I should. I want to read more books when I have some time to relax. I want to try to use moisturizer morning and night. I want to remember to take my vitamin. I want to exercise more.

~Communicate with My Husband Better~I hope to communicate with Pat better. Often times we don't share our ideas or feelings enough so we sometimes step on each other's toes. I feel with more communication we could avoid little tiffs.

~Be a Better Mommy~This is my most important goal. It will require me to use more patience. Sometimes when I'm worn out, I lack the patience I need to be a good mom. Also to be a better Mommy I need to plan more activities for Ryan because he gets bored so easily. Hopefully when I find friends, they'll have kids for Ryan to play with.

So those are some of my goals for the new year. What are yours?


Devon said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan! I hope you share your progress!
I also need to do all of those things...that and work toward a more organized home.

Shelly said...

Ha ha! It is funny you added working toward a more organized home because that is what we've been doing the past 3 days. I've purged a lot of the clutter that we just don't need. I'll probably make a post about that sometime soon.

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