February 1, 2010

Snow Days

We got a fair amount of snow with the storm this weekend. We didn't have a snow shovel, so we didn't clear any paths. Therefore, it was wise to have Pat carry Ryan off the deck.
Ryan was amazed by the amount of snow.
But it did cause him a little difficulty walking around.
Ryan doesn't have gloves, and the mittens we had from last year just were not meant to stay on a toddler's hands. So Pat put his gloves on Ryan.
Ryan was still in awe of the snow.
He loved walking around in it but hated when he'd fall down.
Abbey loved running around in the snow. She really wanted Ryan to chase her, but Ryan found walking around without falling was more than enough to hold his attention.
Sean even came out to see the snow.
But he liked being cozy in the house better than looking at the snow.
Relaxing on the couch was his idea of fun.

1 comment:

Devon said...

so cute! sean is getting cuter every day!

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