January 29, 2010

Weekend Snow Storm

We're expecting a big snow storm here in middle Tennessee tonight. They are predicting 7-8", which I know isn't that much to some people, but around here that is a huge storm. Unfortunately for our weekend plans this storm couldn't have come at a worse time. This weekend we are having Sean Baptized. Because our church requires proof from the Godparents that they are "good" Catholics, we do not have many choices for Godparents. Since some of my family doesn't fit the qualifications, Pat and I have decided not to use family. However, I do not have any friends that also fit that qualification, so for both kids we've used Pat's friends. Pat had two girl friends (one is going to be Sean's Godmother and the other one is Ryan's Godmother) flying in today for the Baptism, but their flight was cancelled this morning due to the predicted storm. Since it would be such a short visit anyway, they are unable to come out. Pat's friend John (Sean's Godfather) was trying to drive up from Atlanta today, but has had to pull over for the night due to the storm. Hopefully John will be able to make it up here tomorrow so that we'll have one of the godparents at the Baptism. (Just a note though: We've talked to the church and can have a random person stand in for the ceremony if no one can make it)
Despite the snow ruining our weekend plans, I'm excited to see Ryan play in it. I'm hoping to get some photos tomorrow morning (if my camera is working right because it has been acting up lately). I'm also glad that it is happening on a weekend when Pat can be around to see Ryan enjoy it. Hopefully I'll get around to baking a cake tomorrow for the Baptism, and maybe I'll post a picture of that too.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend plans. Hopefully the weather isn't messing up your plans as much as it is mine.

January 26, 2010

Here's the Scoop

I've been away for a little bit; I'm sorry. I'm feeling fine now. It seems to have been about a 24 hour bug or something I ate. I survived Pat's duty, even though I felt crappy. He came home feeling crappy too of course. He felt like he had what I did, but he did not actually get sick. Thankfully he's feeling better too.

Ryan is still going potty. He hasn't had an accident yet, although I'm probably just jinxing us. Last night he was at daycare because we had an FRG meeting to go to. I didn't tell them about his potty training when I dropped him off. I had him in a pull-up so I figured if he had an accident it wouldn't be a big deal. (Just as a side note here, he was the only toddler there. I felt bad for him. The only other child was a 9 month old, but Ryan did a great job and was a big boy.) When I picked him up, they told me he went potty twice! I'm just so impressed that he did it for a stranger. I am amazed and proud at how well Ryan has done. He's turning into such a big boy.

Speaking of the FRG meeting, we now have a better idea of when Pat will be leaving. I'm not going to post that here now obviously, but I'm sure if we talk I can fill you in on what was put out. Also, I can say that Pat will most likely be living in a tent for a very long time over there. Since he will be part of the surge, his living conditions will not be what they were last time. I'll share more of what I can when I can.

A couple of Pat's friends from high school are coming in this weekend. I'm trying to get the house in order. After we were all sick, it has become a little less neat than I would like. I'm starting to catch up on everything though.

And since I didn't get to post on Monday, here is my meal planning a day late. (some of these are things from the last week that we didn't get around to making)
Creamy Basil Chicken Pasta
Teriyaki Sirloin Tips with Pasta and Broccoli
Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken (this is a modified recipe of This from a great blog I came across, and Pat really liked this dish)
And on Saturday with the company I think I'll make some more of the BBQ Pulled Pork.

A Few Photos

I wanted to show a couple of photos so that Grammy and Grumps could see some of the clothes they sent for Christmas, and there are a couple other photos too.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good photo of Ryan in these pjs. This was the day he was running the 104.6 fever. But you can still see that the message is very appropriate for Ryan.
This is a photo of the table Pat made for Ryan. It was a long time coming, but I attribute that to us being very busy. I helped with the train on the top of it, but Pat did the rest. Ryan LOVES it.
Ryan loves wearing these sunglasses recently. I think he's trying to be like me since I'm wearing my regular glasses more often right now.
Sean is so cute in the outfit that Grammy and Grumps sent.

January 23, 2010

Pity Party

Right now I'm having a pity party for myself. I know I'm over tired, worn out, and just feeling crappy, and that is where this is coming from.
Pat got out of work early yesterday--now early around here means he arrives home around 5 p.m. This was one of the first nights that has actually happened since he entered this S3 shop. We wanted to run a few errands including buying a humidifier for Ryan's room to help with his coughing.
When we got home from the errands, I was feeling terrible. I ended up starting my vomiting shortly after arriving home. In the middle of the getting sick I had to get two kids down for bed. (That is my responsibility around here because 1. Sean is breast fed and 2. Ryan likes when I put him down and is not used to Pat doing it.) Thankfully the kids went down pretty well. I continued to vomit for hours. I would pass out in my bed only to wake up to get sick some more. Thankfully by about 11 p.m. I had gotten everything out of my system.
Now today I am no longer vomiting, but I just feel like absolute crap. My body and head aches, and the idea of food makes me feel ill.
Now for my pity party, I am just feeling bad for myself because I'm feeling so sick and Pat has duty today. This means Pat left at 8:30 a.m. and will not come home until tomorrow morning. Yes, I understand that this is what it could be like when he is deployed. In fact I had a very similar day to this when he was deployed. I guess I had just consoled myself after the deployment thinking that he'd be here to help the next time around. I just get frustrated that while in Garrison, I'm still doing everything alone.
Don't get me wrong, I understand why he isn't here and I don't blame him. I am just feeling ill and wishing he was around. I get that some people have it worse when their husbands are away. I'm just feeling crappy and expressing it in my writing.
I can say that while Pat was around last night he was very nice to me. He came into our room every time I was vomiting. He rubbed my back and brought me a drink. I am very lucky he was around to tuck me back into bed. He is a great husband. I am lucky to have him even if he can't always be around to help.

January 22, 2010

Potty Update (because I know you're dying to know)

Here is another potty update that I'm sure you've been holding your breath waiting for. ;) Ryan was diaper free all day yesterday with NO accidents. He also has woken up dry the past two mornings. He was even dry during his nap. I still use pull-ups for nap time and bed time just in case, but so far he's doing amazing. I am so proud of how well he is doing with it.

January 21, 2010

Falling Behind

Ryan has been sick for the past few days. It started with a crappy night sleep Monday night. Tuesday his temperature was 99.8 when he woke up, but he seemed to be pretty much himself so I wasn't worried. I gave him some Tylenol and went about our day. By nap time I could tell he was sick. He went down for a nap early and didn't sleep long. When he woke up his temperature was up to 104.6. I was freaked out. His whole body was burning up. I called the doctor and the nurse said to bring him right in. The doctor saw him and couldn't find the cause of the fever. He gave me lots of advice and sent us home to rest. Wednesday Ryan's fever was gone but a cough emerged as the main symptom. The cough is particularly bothersome at night. Yesterday the Pediatrician even called to check on Ryan. (and I don't mean his nurse, I actually mean he himself called) I'm thankful I have a good place to bring the kids when they are sick.

As a result of all of that sickness I am falling behind. I'm falling behind in sleep. I am averaging 4 or 5 hours a night. I am so tired that when the day is done I almost want to cry from exhaustion. I'm also getting back logged with daily chores. Ryan being sick means he's very needy. That results in me not getting anything done. Hopefully as he starts to get over this I'll be more productive. I do not want to fall back into my previous disorganization.

Just a quick update to add--Ryan went poop on the potty twice yesterday and kept his diaper dry all day. He even woke up to a dry diaper this morning. I have him in big boy underwear today. Hopefully we won't have many accidents. It is hard to bring him to the potty a million times while taking care of a clingy baby. Speaking of a clingy baby, I've heard him cough a few times in the past 24 hours. I hope that is a fluke. I do not want any more sick children.

January 20, 2010

How am I going to do it when he's away?

The question of "how am I going to do it when he's away?" has plagued me since Ryan was born. I knew Pat would leave soon after Ryan's birth, and the thought of surviving the newness of motherhood and all the phases of the first year Ryan's life alone was a daunting thought. I was always trying to prepare myself and prove that I could do it. Even now I've found that thought creeping back in, which is funny since I've already survived a deployment with a child. For a little while the thought of taking care of two children alone has had me second guessing myself. Every night that Pat works late, I'm afraid that if I complain people will say, "how are you going to do it when he's away?" Recently I've finally come to terms with my previous worry. I've realized that I'm going to survive. There is no choice, you do it and make it work. I will get things done and do what I need to do. I don't need to worry because in the end of the day I'll figure it out when the time comes. I've also accepted that I can be annoyed that Pat is never home. The fact that that bothers me doesn't say I cannot handle things on my own, but rather it says I want some time with my husband before he leaves for another year. When he is home to help it is a luxury that I want to take advantage of for the short time that I can.
I think I just sometimes need the reminder that I will find my way as a mom of two through this next deployment. I will take it one day at a time and things will fall into place. There is no need to worry now about what may come up then. I also need to remember that enjoying help while I have it is fine. I do not have to prove that I will survive the deployment by doing everything alone now. In fact, I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

January 19, 2010

Exciting is....(tmi--mommy talk)

Exciting in my house is....
the first ever poop in the potty. Yay Ryan! He is definitely a kid that likes his privacy. The first time he did pee in the potty (which feels like ages ago) no one was in the room with him. Pat had just left to go grab a diaper, and Ryan let loose. We were all so proud. Since then he's been peeing on the potty frequently, but had yet to poop on the potty. This morning as he woke up, he yelled that he needed to go potty. As I got him set up I saw that he had done a little poop in his diaper. I went to grab a diaper, and to my surprise he had finished his poop on his potty by the time I got back. When I looked at him his gave me the sign for one more minute and let out a finishing toot. I guess it is exciting to me because at least I know that he understands where it is supposed to go. With this new progress, I have renewed hope that we are moving in the right direction to be diaper free in the future. I have to add that I do not feel that children should be pressured to potty, and they'll do it in their own time. I am just happy to see Ryan making a step in the potty training journey. Woo Hoo!

Sorry for the potty talk, but a Mom has to brag sometimes. Now back to all things non-potty.

January 18, 2010

The Best BBQ Pulled Pork I've Had

True, I am not sure I've ever really had BBQ Pulled Pork before, but I cannot imagine it gets much better than this. My sister shared an awesome recipe for BBQ Pulled Pork that she found on the internet. You can find it here.

We had a 3lb Pork Tenderloin this weekend. I used just over 2 cups of Root Beer. I cooked it in the slow cooker for 6.5 hours, and it was so tender, juicy, and falling apart. I drained it and added BBQ sauce. It was delicious and so easy. Pat and our guests loved it. It will definitely be cooked again.

I debated sharing this recipe. It tastes so good that I didn't want everyone to realize how easy it is to cook. I wanted people to think I slaved away to make it that good. But since my sister was so nice to share it with me, I'm passing it along to you. Enjoy!

Meal Planning

As I said in my New Year's Goals post a while back, I want to plan out more meals in advance. So far I've been doing really well meal planning, and it has made cooking while caring for two kids immensely easier. It wasn't that I didn't realize how helpful meal planning would be. It was just me being lazy before, and thankfully I'm over that so we can enjoy more home cooking. Our schedule for the next little while looks something like this:
Steak, Twice Baked Potatoes, and Salad
Sloppy Joes and side dish unknown
Manicotti (frozen from the last time I made this dish a few weeks ago)
Grilled Chicken Wings and Salad
Lemon Pepper Chicken, pasta side, and Peas
Teriyaki Sirloin Tips (sides undecided)
Creamy Basil Chicken Pasta
and maybe on Friday we'll throw in a take out pizza for a special treat.
We'll have to see in the coming weeks if this proves to be a money saving strategy too. That would be another added benefit.

January 15, 2010

Tickles, Kisses, and Cuddles

I can't believe how well the boys have already bonded. Sean LOVES to watch Ryan. Whenever Ryan is near, Sean starts smiling. Ryan seems to really LOVE Sean too. When we are changing Sean, Ryan always blows raspberries on Sean's tummy. He often tries to uncurl Sean's hand to give him a high five. Ryan also knows how to tickle Sean just like we do. And the cutest thing is when Ryan gives Sean kisses and cuddles.

Cute Faces

I am sure some of you are getting tired of the posts that are just pictures of my kids, but my family that reads the blog likes to see them.

Ryan Helps

Ryan can be helpful, and he loves to help me around the house.
Sometimes he helps by doing the chores.
Other times he's not so helpful at all.

January 14, 2010

Dance Moves

Yesterday Ryan turned on my alarm clock radio and started to bust a move. We have no idea where he learned moves like this, but it was hilarious. (Excuse my clothes on the floor.)

Sean's Giggle

January 12, 2010

Peace on Earth

This is absolute peace and happiness.
(pic taken from webcam)

Sleeping Isn't Working

Pat has been gone almost a week now. Things have been surprisingly easier than I thought they would be. Something I didn't foresee was that Ryan would act better with Pat away than when he is home. What I mean by that is when Pat is home Ryan is a limit pusher. He tests and challenges his parents on all things. With Pat away, he's a slightly better listener and isn't pushing the limits quite as much. I'm not exactly sure why he's been so manageable, but I feel very lucky for that turn of events.
I haven't been able to talk to Pat on the phone in days. He also is not using e-mail. He has absolutely no idea how things are going with the kids. I guess I feel lucky that things are going so well considering he couldn't make me feel better if that weren't the case.
Something that hasn't been working so well is Sean sleeping. The past 3 nights he's been waking up way more often. At first I thought it was a fluke, just a bad night or something. The next night I thought it was because he needed to poop (which is something he very rarely does). Now that it happened again, I am almost sure my little guy is in his three month growth spurt. I've noticed an increase in the times he's nursing during the day too. On a good note about him sleeping I did get him down just after 8 p.m. last night and he's currently still sleeping. However, he did have many nursing sessions in between.
To add to my sleeping woes, Ryan hasn't been the best sleeper lately either. He can sometimes be difficult to get to bed, although I'm figuring out some tactics that work. He wakes up altogether too early though. Last night he woke up once in the middle of the night and then again at 5:45 a.m. Waking up at 5:45 is like a warning that morning is almost here for us. I can get him back to bed for about 25 minutes then he's up for good. Last night I thought I would ensure a great rest. I had the kids down early so I could tidy up and take a nice shower. I was in bed by 10 p.m. Unfortunately at one of my wake ups around 1 a.m. I felt miserable. I was sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and congested. Thankfully this morning I am feeling much better.
I'm excited that Pat is coming home tomorrow. I'm hoping sleep will come home tomorrow too.

January 9, 2010

Highlights of Yesterday

It was another really cold day out yesterday, and we still had some snow flurries. As a result of the weather my plans were cancelled for the second day in a row. It was supposed to be so cold out with the windchill that I didn't even want to let Ryan out to play. That meant a day in the house, which often means boredom for Ryan. I guess I am a little thankful for Ryan's obsession with the Little Einsteins. And in fairness to the show I am impressed with all the things he learns from it. There were a few highlights to my day yesterday.
Ryan and Sean interacted back and forth for the first time. Sean was sitting propped up next to me and Ryan was on my other side. Ryan looked at Sean and started saying "Hi", which he says in such a sweet, high voice that is absolutely too cute. Sean started to smile and coo. Ryan started laughing, and then Sean started laughing back. It was such a great moment for me to observe. I think it was just a sign of all the fun they will have together in the future.
After dinner Sean seems to take a little cat nap which gives me time to cuddle with Ryan and get him ready for bed. Tonight while I was snuggling Ryan, I told him I love him. I asked if he loved me, and he nodded yes. This was a happy moment for me because Ryan loves to say no to everything. I don't think he's ever responded yes to that question before. I'm hoping someday in the near future he'll say "I love you".

Lastly, I made the manicotti, and Ryan really liked it. I didn't realize how much more work it would be than stuffed shells. I completely didn't think about how I'd fill the manicotti. Thankfully my cake decorating bags came in quite handy. I'll also add that manicotti is rather difficult to serve without having it fall apart. I have a new appreciation for those that make and serve manicotti. Speaking of manicotti, it reminds me of the first time Pat took me to his home back in college. We went out to an Italian restaurant. That night was a perfect date. We never really talk about that date, but in my memory it was like a scene from a romance novel. I ordered the manicotti, which is odd because that isn't a normal choice of mine (in fact I don't think I had it since that date until tonight). I have no idea what made me choose that but I did. I also remember how I had been nervous before going home and how that dinner just solidified my idea that he was the one for me. It was a candle lit dinner where the room just glowed, and it felt like we were the only two in the restaurant. The conversation was effortless, and the smile never left my face. I'm not sure if Pat knows how fondly I remember that night. I'll have to mention that date to him when I serve the rest of the manicotti that I froze.

January 8, 2010

On This Day...

On this day a year ago Ryan and I welcomed Pat home from his second deployment. It is crazy to see how much has changed in just a short year. It's also mind blowing to be preparing to say goodbye again, but I digress. One year ago, Ryan and I were very happy as you can see.
And so was Pat.
Three months ago today Sean was born. I still marvel at the course of events of the day and a half before he was born, but that is a different story than I am here to write. I cannot believe how big my little one has gotten in 3 months. He is fitting into 3-6 month clothes. He sleeps pretty well. He usually is asleep by 9 p.m. and wakes up for one or two short nursing sessions. He'll sleep until at least 6:30 a.m. and then take a decent morning nap while I get the day started and work on the chores. During Ryan's nap time Sean and I get some special, uninterrupted cuddle time where I can hold him without having to do anything else. He is a very happy baby and loves to smile and laugh. He is very ticklish, and we love to tickle him to elicit a laugh. All it takes for us to make him smile is to look at him and make eye contact. He is also a very chatty baby. He is very patient because he puts up with us constantly dealing with Ryan and taking our attention from him, and also he deals with Ryan being super loud a lot of the time. He is as sweet as an angel. These past three months have been wonderful and he is such a great part of our family.

January 7, 2010


Ryan got to "play" in snow for the first time. It wasn't enough to really play in, but he loved it though. He just kept repeating "(s)no(w)." His s and w are slightly silent when he says snow. He was very upset when we came back in the house, but it is very cold outside. These were the only photos I was able to snap before my camera battery died.

(And yes, I realize the sleeves are big on him. I would have rolled them back, but since we don't have gloves, I figured they'd help keep his hands out of the cold.)

Which is he?

Is he a troublemaker or a cutie pie? I definitely say both, and really, how can you get mad at such a sweet face?

January 6, 2010

When the Cat is Away...

Pat is gone for the next week or so. He is TDY down to LA to help plan for their upcoming month at JRTC (in March). It seems the deployment is approaching swiftly, although we still have a bit of time to prepare. They still haven't informed us of when they are going, but from the stuff going on we have a general idea (we think).

This morning is dragging on. It isn't making me feel very good about how this week is going to be. Thankfully I have some plans for the rest of the week and am going to skype with my sister on the weekend. They say that we may get snow tonight into tomorrow morning. Everyone around here is all in a tizzy over it, but they're only predicting a maximum of 2". I kind of wish that we would get the snow so that Ryan could play in it for the first time, but I also wish Pat were here to see that. Maybe it is from the where I grew up, but I'm still thinking that we may get nothing despite the predictions.

Since Pat is away, I'm back to cooking for just 1.5 people. I've been trying to meal plan to make everything easier. Here is what I'm planning so far:
Wednesday: Cheese and Chili Pasta Bake. I have a jarred cheese sauce and some leftover homemade chili. I figure I'll cook it up with some pasta. It should be quick and easy and also uses my leftover chili.
Thursday: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Potatoes, and Carrots. I'm not sure how I'll cook the potatoes yet, but I'll definitely be using the vacuum marinator that Pat bought at the PX for the chicken. We used it last night with steak--yummy. I love marinated meat.
Friday: Manicotti. Maybe I'll make extra and freeze some like I do with stuffed shells.
Saturday: Definitely leftover night.
That's all I've planned out so far. Some meals may move around the schedule depending on leftovers and lunches, but at least I have a plan.

January 3, 2010

Mission: Organization

Something I have been working on lately is trying to de-clutter and get organized. I used to think that people who spent a bunch of money on organizational products were silly, but the joke is on me. I'm starting to realize how helpful sorting and organizing products can be. Here are some of my most recent finds:

Laundry sorter hamper--we always have trouble keeping our laundry organized before we wash it. I am so excited for this to come. We are going to have one area for whites, one for darks, and one for Pat's uniform stuff. I really think this will help simplify my laundry tasks and keep our room more organized. (And if you only knew the trouble I went through when amazon.com dropped the price 2 hours after I bought it. I was able to get the cheaper price in the end though. Plus amazon was having an additional 15% off organizational products at checkout--woo hoo!)
Suction sponge holder--okay, this one was only $2.99, and I'm wondering why I didn't get it sooner. I cannot stand when Pat leaves a wet sponge in the bottom of the sink. I usually end up throwing the sponge out and getting a new one because I think that is gross. Now that hopefully won't be an issue with this new product.
In the sink dish drainer--We had a dish drainer before, but we kept it on the counter. Keeping it on the counter took up lots of space and ended up a big pile of clean pots and pans. Now that we'll be keeping it in the sink, the counter will look better and hopefully we'll store less dishes in the drainer.


One day a few months ago while we were all hanging out in my bed Disney's Little Einsteins came on TV. Ryan was instantly silent and mesmerized. After that we occasionally would find episodes on TV in the mornings. I could tell this show was becoming a favorite for Ryan. At the same time Ryan also found that he really enjoys Disney's Handy Manny. If either show comes on, you can be sure Ryan will be semi-quiet, and that allows me to get some stuff done around the house.

For Christmas, not only did Ryan get a Handy Manny fix it telephone, but he also got a Little Einsteins DVD. He loves to play with the toy phone and tell you that "Ha Ma" is on the phone. That is how Ryan says Handy Manny. While that is cute, it is even more adorable to watch Ryan watching Little Einsteins. He totally interacts with the TV. I've even noticed his vocabulary increasing watching the show. I had once been worried about his speech, but the pediatrician (my good one) assured me he is right on track and there is nothing to worry about. Whenever Ryan wants to watch Little Einsteins (which is currently all the time), he says "Ein-nein". Although it isn't 100% correct, it is very clear what he wants. I would consider Ryan obsessed with the show. It is almost like he thinks the little kids on TV are his friends. He asked for it so often that a few days after Christmas we headed out to Toys R Us with Ryan and his Christmas money to buy more Einstein DVDs.

Pat and I are becoming very sick of the Little Einsteins. Even though it is watching TV, I'm glad that Ryan found something that is intelligent and educational that he likes so much. If it is helping his vocabulary and keeping him entertained in these cold winter days, I'm happy.

January 2, 2010

Goals for the New Year

I wanted to set aside some goals for the new year. There is a lot I want to promise that I'll do. I'm not so sure I'll be follow through with it all though.

~Cook More and Meal Plan~I want to try new recipes and cook different things more often. With Pat being away so much this coming year, I think planning out my meals in advance will be a great help.

~Meet More People/Friends~I want to try to put myself out there to meet more people/friends. I know that it will be stepping outside my comfort zone, but I think that is what I need to do.

~Get Back into Scrapbooking~I haven't done any of the photos in a very long time (as in years). I have all the photos set aside, but just haven't had time to make the pages and put them in the books.

~Take Better Care of Myself~I want to start taking care of my body and mind like I know I should. I want to read more books when I have some time to relax. I want to try to use moisturizer morning and night. I want to remember to take my vitamin. I want to exercise more.

~Communicate with My Husband Better~I hope to communicate with Pat better. Often times we don't share our ideas or feelings enough so we sometimes step on each other's toes. I feel with more communication we could avoid little tiffs.

~Be a Better Mommy~This is my most important goal. It will require me to use more patience. Sometimes when I'm worn out, I lack the patience I need to be a good mom. Also to be a better Mommy I need to plan more activities for Ryan because he gets bored so easily. Hopefully when I find friends, they'll have kids for Ryan to play with.

So those are some of my goals for the new year. What are yours?

January 1, 2010

New Year...New Kitchen

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great celebration last night and is very blessed in 2010.

I promised to post pictures of all the new stuff in the kitchen. The "new kitchen" all started when we decided to replace the vinyl floor and ended up picking the wood floors that eventually spanned the entire main area of the house. After the floors were installed in the kitchen, we had granite countertops put in. They were such a good deal; it was the same price as laminate would have been. With the countertops came the undermount sink and the new faucet. The last thing we needed to complete the kitchen was to install a backsplash. We planned on doing this ourselves, so it took a while to find the right tile and also the motivation to get it done. It is finally done though. Pat did most of the work. I think he did an amazing job. I am very proud of him. And most of all I LOVE the kitchen now!

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