May 28, 2009

Ultrasound Photos and More

Pat and I think we've finally settled on a name for our little guy.  As of right now, our second son will be Sean Thomas.  Here are the u/s photos we have of our little man.  

As I said in the previous post, the bedding we wanted kept going in and out of stock.  So as soon as we found out it was a boy, I placed the order.  Here is the bedding we picked out.  

May 26, 2009

And the answer is....

I'm back from the u/s.  Since the u/s was done by a technician, I have to wait for the radiologist to write a report to know if everything looked good.  However, when Pat asked, the tech said that things were looking well formed so far.  So I'm still crossing my fingers that nothing shows up. Our baby was measuring at 20w 6d, which puts my due date around Oct. 7.  

If you had asked me and Pat at the beginning of the pregnancy what gender we'd want, (if we would even admit it) we would have said another boy.  Pat loves having boys, I think it makes him feel masculine.  I wanted to have another boy because I like the idea of having a brother for Ryan, and I feel very comfortable raising boys.  However, after a while in the pregnancy, we began to think that I may be having a girl because of the difference in this pregnancy and Ryan's. This time around I was less sick than with Ryan.  I was extremely nauseous all day long, but I wasn't throwing up.  The morning sickness also didn't last as long as it did with Ryan.  I am carrying differently than I did with Ryan.  However, there are some similarities between the pregnancies such as cravings, huge appetite, and overall feeling like a green whale.  So Pat began thinking it probably was a girl, and I was pretty convinced myself.  Lately though I've been telling Pat that I'm not sure what I'm having because a part of me still thinks it could be a boy. And as Pat put it, his thoughts were that the chances were about 51% girl, 49% boy.  

So I'm sure you are wanting to know what our little baby is.  It's a...

The tech stopped on the money shot and I saw it right away.  She said, "I hope you are wanting a boy."  Pat must not have been able to see it right away because his eyes got all big as he sat straight up and asked, "Really?!!?"  We pointed it out to him, and he was so happy.  I was laying on the table, and he kept squeezing my foot.  We asked the tech if she was sure, and while they won't allow her to say 100%, she said she's 99% sure and that if that wasn't a penis, our baby has some problems.  The only bad part is that the tech isn't allowed to take a photo of the money shot so we have no proof to show anyone.  I did get a few good photos of the baby as a whole though.  Hopefully tonight I'll be able to scan one to show on here, and maybe by then we'll be settled on the name.  

There were a few signs recently that we were having a boy though.  This weekend every time Pat was feeling the baby kick or talking about it, Pat kept referring to it as "he".  I had found bedding that I wanted if it was a boy, but this weekend it went out of stock.  However, this morning before I left I got an e-mail to say it was back in stock.  Lastly, was that last night I had a dream that we had the u/s, and it was boy.  (This last one may have been a dream induced by watching Tori and Dean though).  

We are completely over the moon.  Now we can tell Ryan that he's going to have a little brother.  I am so excited about having two wonderful, little boys to run around and wrestle with.      

Big Day

Today is a big day.  We finally have an ultrasound today.  Please send good thoughts our way.  I'll update later.  

May 24, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

The photos are kind of jumbled because I hate how blogger loads them. But anyway, you'll get the point.

Pat took this awesome photo of the white tiger.

My boys looking at the animals in the petting area.

Pat showed Ryan that it was okay to pet the animal.

Then Ryan did it all on his own.

This is what they were petting.

Ryan enjoyed pointing at all of the animals.

And also cheesing it for the camera.

My favorite sight at the zoo.

May 21, 2009

Pool Time

Ryan loved his little pool.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to get him out of it.  It was so worth the $10. Between the watertable and now his pool, I think I should just dress him in his bathing suit every day.  

May 19, 2009

Product Research

I could spend months researching things before I make a purchase.  This is especially true when they are big ticket items.  Here's what I'm currently researching...

Ready for Summer

That time of year is quickly approaching.  It's no secret that I don't like summer.  I'm much more of a fall/winter kind of girl.  I love the beach, but prefer going there in the fall/winter when there are no crowds.  Give me a sweater over a tank top any day.  I enjoy the cool, crisp fall air much more than the sweltering sun.  But I digress, my son seems to be enjoying the warm weather very much.  I guess watching him play during these summer months will be the highlight of the season for me.  Tomorrow I'm going to finally fill his pool up with water.  I'm sure it will be more fun that way ;)

May 18, 2009

5 Years

Last week Pat asked me if I would bake a cake.  I agreed but had to ask why.  He doesn't usually make such requests.  He said he wanted to celebrate his official 5 years in the Army.  It's already been 5 years since he Commissioned and started active duty.  It's almost been 5 years since we got married.  I cannot believe how the time has passed.  It's been filled with tears, sadness, laughter, and joy.  We had our cake that night, but never really made mention of the significance of that day.  While I am very proud of Pat, I'd be proud of him no matter what he was doing.  

Speaking of 5 years, as I said our anniversary is coming up and I have no ideas what to buy Pat for that.  I want to make it something good, but I know neither of us want to spend a lot of money.  I had better start thinking...

May 15, 2009


As I mentioned in the vacation recaps, Ryan wasn't sleeping so well down in Disney.  He wasn't able to move around the pack n' play like he can his crib, and he didn't like that.  He was waking up so often, that I finally decided to try to let him sleep in our bed.  Some of you may think that's a bad idea and bad habit, but during his 17+ months of life, Ryan NEVER once slept in our bed before this vacation.  I'd even tried to allow him in our bed before when he'd been sick, and he had absolutely no interest in sleeping with us.  As it turned out, most nights I took Ryan into bed with us.  He wasn't completely happy in the bed, but it was the best of the two options. While neither he nor I slept very well during our week, there are some moments I'll never forget.  In our bed, most nights he insisted on having his head touching me.  He had to place his head on my neck, on my belly, or on my leg.  None of these positions looked very comfortable, but that's how he wanted it.  Unfortunately he would still wake up in the middle of the night in our bed, let out a cry from discomfort and then move around to another position that would work for the next few hours.  He'd often wake up face down on the bed with his head in the completely wrong direction from the pillows.  My mornings usually started earlier than they do at home, but at least I was awakened to my little boy kissing me.  I'll always cherish the memory of the time he woke up, took my face between both his little hands and pulled me in for a kiss.  While it was not the ideal sleeping plan for either of us, I'm happy I got a little bit of cuddle time with him in a way that we've never had before.  

The big "fail" came in when we returned from vacation.  Pat and I thought that since he'd been away from his crib for a week and had slept in a bed (albeit our bed), maybe he'd adjust to a toddler bed easily.  Boy, were we wrong!  We got the little toddler bed all set up with his mattress and everything.  He enjoyed climbing on as you can see in the pictures, but when it came time to sleep there, he was not having it.  After such a long week with little sleep, we were not going to push it.  I put him back into his crib, and he has returned to sleeping his 11 hours a night without a peep.  The first night he was back in his crib, Pat and I saw on the video monitor that he rolled around enjoying all the space of his crib for a good 20 minutes before knocking out for his much needed rest.     

We still have the toddler bed in his room along with his crib right now.  We're going to let him get used to the bed.  We're in no rush to move him over, so maybe we'll try again at the end of the summer.  For right now, I'm just happy he's happy.  

May 11, 2009

Vacation Needed After Vacation

We're home.  It was such a wonderful and amazing week in Disney World.  I loved being together with my family because that doesn't happen often enough.  It was such special memories for me and Pat watching Ryan's reactions to everything down there.  I know he won't remember this trip, but we will.  We'll always be able to think back about what a happy time we had down there.  I cannot believe how fast the week flew by.  It felt like there was so much to see and do that a week wasn't long enough.  

I'm sad the trip is over, but I'm a little glad to be settled back at home.  We feel like we need  a vacation from our vacation.  

I know that Ryan is missing all the people though.  He loved having so many people to play with.  He's lonely here with just me.  

We're back to the daily grinds.  Pat's got duty tonight, so he's spending the night at work.  I'm dealing with everything here at the house.  It's only Monday, and I'm already looking forward to the weekend.  

I'm sure there is still more to tell about what's been going on with us, but I'll get to that later.  

May 9, 2009

Disney Studios

It was our last day to go to the parks, so we headed to Disney Studios since we hadn't been there yet.  Most of the family went to go on the thrill rides, and my mother and I took Ryan to the Little Mermaid show and on the Great Movie Ride.  He enjoyed the ride because he was again sitting like a big boy and got to point at everything around.  He like the Wizard of Oz scene the best, but he was even excited for Casablanca, so that was great.  He thought the Little Mermaid show was okay.  Sometimes he liked it and other times he just wanted to leave.  

When we met up with everyone else we went to Muppet's 3D.  Ryan won't wear 3D glasses, so he mostly just sits there.  Thank goodness for Pat's cell phone.  That entertained him through most of the show.  

Pat and I picked up some Christmas ornaments at the store there to commemorate this trip for ourselves and Ryan.  We'll always remember Ryan's first trip to disney world.  

After Disney Studios we went to lunch at a little diner at the Dolphin hotel.  We'd been there earlier in the week, and it was a great, quick place to get some food.  It was casual so that worked well for the kids.  

We spent the afternoon at the pool again.  Ryan loved swimming in the kiddie pool.  After a while Pat brought him into the big pool.  While Ryan loved playing there, he didn't understand why Pat wouldn't let him go to swim on his own.  He's such an independent little boy.  When we get home we're going to go buy Ryan a little pool for our backyard.  (I mean real LITTLE though).  Auntie Rie took all the photos down at the pool, so right now I don't have any to post.  

Magic Kingdom

We were back at the Magic Kingdom on Friday.  Pat, Ryan, Grumps, and I headed there later than the rest of the group because Ryan was getting a much needed morning nap.  He still wasn't sleeping well at night.  

We had lunch reservations at The Plaza.  It was pretty good, although the brownie sundae wasn't what I remembered, but it was still yummy.  

After eating, we went on several rides for Ryan, and Marie and Pat got on Big Thunder Mountain. By far, Ryan's favorite ride today was It's a Small World.  He loved sitting like a big boy between me and Pat and dancing to the song.  There was so much to look at on this ride.  I really think Ryan felt like he was in an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or something.  This is one of my favorite memories during the trip.    

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the day.  So you can just picture us in the Magic Kingdom with smiles on our faces ;)

May 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom.  I was most excited to bring Ryan to this park even though I knew I wouldn't be able to go on most of the rides being pregnant.  I was really looking forward to the animal walking trails. 

Animal Kingdom gets VERY HOT because of all the vegetation.  We tried to get our activities done pretty quickly.  Ryan got to go on the safari ride with Pat, Auntie Rie, Uncle Justin, and Grammy.  Pat says he really liked the ride, especially the bumps.  Auntie Rie snapped some good photos.

After the safari we walked the trail.  I got a few good pictures of animals, and Ryan liked looking at all the wild life.  

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