About Me

I'm Shelly.  I'm a thirty-something wife and mother.  I married my college sweetheart.  We met in a college bar...and it was a hole in the wall bar at that.  Yes, true love happens everywhere.  We were married a month after graduating college.  My husband and I grew up in New England but have since lived in Oklahoma and Tennessee thanks to the Army.  Finally in the Fall of 2012 we moved back to Massachusetts.

I have two little boys that I think are amazing, sweet, funny, and full of life.  Their laughter is contagious, and we enjoy being silly and pretending to be superheroes.  We welcomed a baby girl into our family in June 2012.  We all love her so much already, and I cannot wait to learn all about her as she grows.  My heart is full.
My Babies (you will notice we wear our pjs a lot ;)
Most of my days revolve around my kids.  My family will always come first.  I believe that cleaning can wait because I'd rather spend my time playing with my little ones. I am hard on myself about parenting.  I am always striving to be a better and more patient mom.
My Loves
I have three dogs.  I enjoy cooking and baking.  I like to decorate cakes.  I sometimes craft, but I don't usually have original ideas.  I was always the kid that tried really hard in art class, but my projects always came out looking pretty bad.  I enjoy a hot cup of coffee and when I find time reading a good book.  I'm a jeans, t-shirt, and chapstick type of girl, but my vices are shopping online and Sephora. I like finding a good deal and saving money.  Most of all though I enjoy spending time with my family making memories and enjoying life.

So that's just a little bit about me.  If you have any question, feel free to ask.
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