September 26, 2012

So Much To Say

It's been so long since I've written that I have so much to say.  It's been a bit crazy and stressful lately, so I just didn't feel like sharing for a while.  But now I'm ready to fill you in on everything that has been going on.

We're still at my parents house.  Only about a week and a couple days until I am officially a homeowner again.  Yesterday I drove through our new town (actually it's a city).  And I drove by our new house too.  That was my first time seeing it.  I only got a quick glimpse, but I liked what I saw in my neighborhood.  Can you believe we bought a house in a city I had never explored and a house I had never seen? Yeah sometimes I cannot believe it either.  

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It's a great deal and a perfect time to start Christmas shopping.  Contact me to place an order, or go check out my website linked in my sidebar.  And make sure to ask me about my personal end of the month specials!  

So the one thing I had been hesitating about blogging about is my dog situation.  So this happened:
Sammy has a broken leg and puncture wounds too.  Think that's bad?  Abbey my other dog did it to him.  
It's been something we've been dealing with for a while now.  Abbey will just randomly attack Sammy.  She's fine with everyone else, but it is a dominance battle with him.  So for a very long time now we've been keeping the two dogs completely separate.  That is until one of the kids let Sam out of his crate while Abbey was out.  Definitely not what I needed right now.  After the $650+ vet bill along with what will be 8+ weeks of casts, Sammy is doing just fine.  
This whole dog situation is such a crappy place to be.  We would have definitely re-homed Abbey already to a home where she could be happy and Sammy could be safe if it were that easy.   But because of Abbey's chronic medical conditions it's not that easy.  So we're still working on more solutions to this whole thing.  And it upsets me to talk about it and write about it, so I hope you won't have anything negative to say to this whole thing.  I take it very seriously and it is a very personal and emotional thing.  

And the last thing I'll comment on is about Ryan and school.  I'm now super stressed out about school for him.  I was in our new city to meet with the school.  We were looking at the Public Pre-K because then he'd be able to receive his speech therapy through the public school.  But I'm really a bit worried about the school program.  I'm not sure it will prepare him enough for Kindergarten next year.  Next month we should be meeting to create an IEP (and this is a whole new thing to me, so that in itself is overwhelming) and I'll hopefully get more info on how the school will work for him.  But for the price that I'll have to pay, I'm not sure I'm getting the best for him.  It just seems so hard to try to navigate this system, and it's not like anyone is making it that easy either.  

So between the mortgage stuff, dogs, school, and just adjusting to New England I've been a bit stressed out.  Hopefully over the next two weeks things fall into place.  I cannot wait to show you pictures of the new house when we settle in.  

September 13, 2012

Leah at 3 Months

Leah is 3 months old today.  She is always giving me lots of smiles.  She loves to to communicate and get personal attention.  She is a very sweet baby girl.  I cannot believe how much she's grown since last month.  I'm enjoying every day with her and love watching her grow.   

 Her brothers love her very much.  
 And can you see how much alike these boys are?

September 12, 2012

Sickness and Sweetness.

I didn't think I needed any extra challenges while trying to live and raise my family in my parents home, right?

Well, the stomach flu didn't see it the same way.  I either ate something contaminated or caught a virus.  One thing I seem to know for sure is the recovery is going to be slow.  This all started Friday night and I'm still struggling with it.  I can now eat a little bit and am back to drinking, but my stomach just isn't right.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the hardest things I've done is to parent when ill.  When you feel like you want to curl up in a ball under a rock and sleep for a week, it is so hard to try to focus any energy on reprimanding or redirecting little kids.  I'll even admit that nursing when I'm not taking any fluids in myself has even been taxing.

My parents have been able to help me out with the boys a bit.  A big surprise to me though was how great Leah did when I was at my worst.  Either I got lucky or she could sense that things were not right with me and I was in pain.  Whatever it was, she could not have been more easy going for me when I really needed it.

Leah is a little sweetie pie and her personality is coming out more and more each day.  However, if you aren't her mother you may have a bit of a hard time getting to see it.  She will hardly let anyone else hold her.  Sometimes she'll even cry if you just look at or talk to her.  She is definitely a Momma's girl.  She was the same way with Pat too.  Since it is rare for people to see that sweet, happy, and fun side of her, I taped a little clip of what my baby girl is really like.  

Here's my little girl in all her sweetness.  Now excuse me while I curl myself up with a blanket . (oh and sorry the clip is narrow in the screen, apparently I held the iphone wrong, stupid me)

September 5, 2012

A Homeowner No Longer (For Now)

It was a great day.  Today we closed on our house in TN.  We are officially no longer homeowners.  Well, at least for a month.  I'm just so relieved to be done with that home, and I feel like we are one step closer to officially owning our new home.

I am so looking forward to showing you pictures of our new home as we get settled in.  I've almost finished all the shopping for it.  I can tell already that it is going to be great living in the same state as our family.  I think the excitement for what is coming is preventing any sadness we might feel for saying goodbye to the only home our kids have known.

I feel a bit out of the loop in the blog world because of my lack of commenting and writing.  But I try to do a quick read through of my favorites whenever I get a free chance.  It's still a bit crazy living with my parents, but I feel like now that we're at the one month left mark, we can start counting down the days.  Hopefully they fly by for all of us.

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