March 30, 2008

Special Day

Today is a very special day for our family. It was one year ago today that we found out we were blessed to be pregnant. However, today is also important because Ryan was Baptized today. I must say that he looked very cute in his white monkey suit. It was a pretty casual ceremony. Ryan's Godmother, Lisa, was able to be here. This has been such a busy weekend, especially for Ryan, I'm sure we're all going to need to take a few days to unwind. I'll have to check to see if we got any good pictures, and if we did I'll post them soon.

March 28, 2008

4 month

As an update to the previous post, Ryan can roll both ways now. He feels so independent when we put him on his play mat. It's really a cute sight.

Today we had Ryan's 4 month well-baby visit. The pediatrician we saw today wasn't the best one we've been to but overall it was an okay visit. Ryan is 14lbs 14oz and 25" long. He's doing really well. Right now he's a little cranky from his immunizations, but hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling better since he has a busy weekend!

March 27, 2008

Keep On Rolling

Yesterday was a great day! Ryan rolled over!!!!!! It was so amazing to see. We were so lucky that both Pat and I were around to see it. He is still working on rolling the other way, and he is getting really close. I think he'll soon be able to roll both ways.

I still can't believe how big he's getting. We started to set up his "big boy" stroller today. I must say that I really like this new stroller, and I think he'll like using it when the time is right too. Tomorrow he goes for his 4 month well-baby appointment. I'm sure I'll post an update with his new stats when we get back from it.

March 26, 2008

Things are good.

Ryan is sleeping through the night in his crib again. It is really nice. I'm actually getting some good sleep, and he is happy too.

Pat's deployment date is a week or two later than we thought...(although my fingers are still crossed that this will continue to be true).

I finally have contacts that I can see out of and got a nice hair cut.

Abbey is starting to feel better now after another expensive vet visit. I'm just happy that we may be figuring things out for her.

We close on our house in Oklahoma tomorrow. Yay for a big check! I'm very relieved that things have gone so smoothly.

Things are good, but I just hope that this luck doesn't run out anytime soon.

March 23, 2008

Red Sox Bunny

Happy Easter! Pat is such a great hubby and daddy. He made me and Ryan an Easter basket. I got a white chocolate bunny and Ryan got a stuffed bunny holding a baseball. I've told Ryan that it is a Red Sox Bunny that says, "Yankees Suck". Pat isn't too happy that I'm saying the bunny is a Red Sox Bunny, but Ryan likes it that way.

Ryan hasn't been sleeping well lately. We think he doesn't like being alone in his crib. I've been up for most of the night the past few nights. I'm totally exhausted. Today I had a headache and going to church didn't help much. There were so many kids running around crazy and shouting. Ryan better not act like that when he's older.

Knock on wood, Ryan is down pretty well tonight. I really hope that I get to sleep somewhat through the night. Pat and I have a lot of errands to run tomorrow, and I need some rest.

March 20, 2008


There is a quote that I can't seem to get out of my head. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." It's interesting how such a simple sentence can give me so much to think about.
I've sometimes found myself in situations where I am dealing with people who think they are better than me. Are these people really trying to make me feel inferior when they brag about their life, possessions, and accomplishments? Or am I just insecure about my own life, and giving them consent to make me feel inferior?
When I run into a person that thinks they are superior, I take a few minutes to examine my life before I start feeling like I am inferior. During the past few years I've found people that think they are better than others because of their jobs, how many kids they have, how they live their life, etc. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to be like the crowd.
When I find myself dealing with people like this, there is a split second in which I wonder if they are better than me. It only takes a second though before I realize to each his own. People may think that I'm less than them, but you know what, I'm happy with my life and accomplishments. I planned having my child, and I will plan when I have another when the time is right for us. I do not work because I want to spend time with my family and raise my son. I like taking care of my dogs and house. These are all choices I've made because they are what I want and not what I have to do. I know that these are not the choices for everyone, and I think that we should all realize that just because we make different choices, we aren't any better or worse than the next person.
I know that being an army wife and mother may not be enough for some, but for me it is. I can't think of anything more fulfilling. I'm exactly who and what I want to be. I hope everyone can say that because if they can then there will never be any reason to feel inferior.

March 18, 2008

Jumping St. Patrick's Day

I know I haven't posted in a while. I find that when I finally get Ryan down for the night the minor everyday details tend to make me busy. I would so love to just relax, but I just haven't found the time lately. Plus I've been very crabby every night and I know no one wants to listen to me whine and complain just because I'm moody.

Our St. Patrick's day was pretty good. Ryan wore green. Pat and I had corned beef, which was very tasty.

Lately Ryan loves to stand, with our support of course. He's always had strong legs, but now he wants to stand most of the day. So when Pat got home from work, I told him we were going to Toys R Us. We bought Ryan the Jumperoo. At first he didn't know what to think of it. After a few minutes he really started to like the lights that came on when he bounced. Now I use the word bounce loosely because he's still too small, but it does provide him the standing feeling he wants. I love to see him exploring new things. Getting him a new toy made yesterday a very fun day. I can't wait for him to play in it today. I'm so lucky to be able to spend everyday watching Ryan grow and teaching him new things. I couldn't ask for anything better.

March 11, 2008

He did it!

Ryan slept in his crib for the first time last night. I think the transition was harder on me than on him. He slept really well. I slept terribly. I was listening to the monitor and sneaking into his room to check him constantly. I can't believe what a big boy my baby is becoming. He is growing up too fast, but I'm enjoying every minute with him.

So today started of badly too. I was cranky because of the lack of sleep. Abbey jumped up and knocked me in the head. Of course she hit my glasses, and now they are bent and look silly. Since I was overtired, I had a mini fit and was upset. Hopefully I'll be able to get the glasses fixed today.

Now my day is getting much better though. Ryan is in a good mood and napping pretty well. The dogs are enjoying the beautiful day outside, and I was able to talk to my friend on the phone. I'll hopefully sleep better tonight, but I still miss having Ryan in my room.

March 9, 2008

Weekend of Snow

Thursday night before going to bed I watched the weather as I was folding laundry. I was surprised as they were talking about the possibility of us getting 5+ inches of snow. I figured they'd be wrong, and if I had my hopes up I'd be disappointed. Friday came and it started to snow mid morning. The storm wasn't supposed to start until late afternoon/evening. Clarksville schools decided to close early at noon. Pat's family was flying in that evening. They did make it in and got to our house safely. Around 7 p.m. the snow really picked up. Abbey didn't know what to make of the snow at first, but once she went outside she loved it. Bailey did not like going out in the cold and Sammy refused. We went to bed that night and woke up to a winter wonderland. It was so great to get a real snow storm. We got right around what they were predicting, and it was great. That afternoon while the sun was out and starting to warm everything up, I thought it would be fun to build a snowman. I went out and started to build, but I almost gave up since I wasn't very good at making a snowman. Pat encouraged me to finish, so I did. It was such a cute snowman, and I'm so glad that I made him. As soon as Abbey and Bailey came outside to see it they were scared. They howled and barked at that stranger in their back yard. I couldn't help but laugh at them. After I told them it was okay they slowly approached it. Finally Abbey ate the snowman's carrot nose. Sammy soon came out and peed on the snowman. Overall, this was the highlight of my weekend.
Today the snow was almost completely gone. We celebrated Pat's birthday. Although to be honest, we didn't celebrate much. My gift to him was still in the mail so I could only show him the order confirmation. His family left midday, and they didn't have gifts for him. Our lunch was problematic. Poor Pat probably didn't have too much fun for a birthday. At least he had a great cake though.
So now another weekend has flown by. We were really busy with the visitors. My house is now a mess. I think Pat and I need to find some time to relax together before he goes away.
Here is a picture of my weekend snowman.

Pat's Birthday!

Today is Pat's 26th Birthday! We are all celebrating today. I'll write an update from this weekend when I get some time later.

March 6, 2008

Just Another Day

Nothing too much is new. It's just another day here at our house.

Ryan is feeling so much better. He has been so happy, or at least it seems that way since he is no longer suffering from that cold. We are having so much fun with him. It is so cute to find something new that makes him laugh. His laugh is my favorite sound. Tonight we found blowing raspberries on his cheeks makes him laugh a lot. These moments are just too precious. Sometimes I feel like I don't want him to grow up.

Pat and I are trying to find a kennel for our dogs in case I ever need to make a trip away. We are not having much success. One annoyance is our county of Tennessee does not want to follow the state standard for vaccines, and in order to board dogs you have to get extra immunizations. (Blah!) Plus the only decent place we've found so far would cost us $80 a night for our dogs. I'm not quite that rich, and that would turn into one expensive trip. Maybe I won't be going anywhere...ever...(Blah, Blah!) This is one thing that I miss in Lawton. We loved the pet resort there. I guess I'll keep looking.

We have more family visiting this weekend, so I'm sure we'll be busy. There is a lot of stuff around the house to be done though. I still have a ton of laundry to fold and need to make the extra beds. One fun thing this weekend is Pat's birthday is on Sunday. He'll finally be the same age as me and can stop calling me old.

Here is a picture of Ryan that my sister took last weekend.

March 3, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and...

Well, we all had a wonderful visit with Marie. Ryan loved meeting his auntie. The dogs are missing her right now too. I'm so glad that she was able to make it out for a visit.

So not only was the weekend great because my sister was visiting, but we also sold our house back in OK. We ended up with a good deal, and hopefully things will go smoothly. I have my fingers crossed until after the home inspection is done. This couldn't have come at a better time though. I'll be so happy to have it done before Pat leaves.

Now for the bad...Ryan caught that ugly, awful cold. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see him so distressed coughing and being congested. He is completely miserable just like I was when I got it, but he is so little. Hopefully he'll get over it soon, because it's not only painful for him but also for us to watch. The past 24 hours have been the worst of it for him so Pat and I are just doing our best to cuddle him and make him comfortable. Pat is starting to feel that tickle in the back of his throat now too. So it looks like I'll be taking care of both my boys for a while.

I'd better go make some chicken soup for dinner.
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