January 3, 2010


One day a few months ago while we were all hanging out in my bed Disney's Little Einsteins came on TV. Ryan was instantly silent and mesmerized. After that we occasionally would find episodes on TV in the mornings. I could tell this show was becoming a favorite for Ryan. At the same time Ryan also found that he really enjoys Disney's Handy Manny. If either show comes on, you can be sure Ryan will be semi-quiet, and that allows me to get some stuff done around the house.

For Christmas, not only did Ryan get a Handy Manny fix it telephone, but he also got a Little Einsteins DVD. He loves to play with the toy phone and tell you that "Ha Ma" is on the phone. That is how Ryan says Handy Manny. While that is cute, it is even more adorable to watch Ryan watching Little Einsteins. He totally interacts with the TV. I've even noticed his vocabulary increasing watching the show. I had once been worried about his speech, but the pediatrician (my good one) assured me he is right on track and there is nothing to worry about. Whenever Ryan wants to watch Little Einsteins (which is currently all the time), he says "Ein-nein". Although it isn't 100% correct, it is very clear what he wants. I would consider Ryan obsessed with the show. It is almost like he thinks the little kids on TV are his friends. He asked for it so often that a few days after Christmas we headed out to Toys R Us with Ryan and his Christmas money to buy more Einstein DVDs.

Pat and I are becoming very sick of the Little Einsteins. Even though it is watching TV, I'm glad that Ryan found something that is intelligent and educational that he likes so much. If it is helping his vocabulary and keeping him entertained in these cold winter days, I'm happy.

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