January 6, 2010

When the Cat is Away...

Pat is gone for the next week or so. He is TDY down to LA to help plan for their upcoming month at JRTC (in March). It seems the deployment is approaching swiftly, although we still have a bit of time to prepare. They still haven't informed us of when they are going, but from the stuff going on we have a general idea (we think).

This morning is dragging on. It isn't making me feel very good about how this week is going to be. Thankfully I have some plans for the rest of the week and am going to skype with my sister on the weekend. They say that we may get snow tonight into tomorrow morning. Everyone around here is all in a tizzy over it, but they're only predicting a maximum of 2". I kind of wish that we would get the snow so that Ryan could play in it for the first time, but I also wish Pat were here to see that. Maybe it is from the where I grew up, but I'm still thinking that we may get nothing despite the predictions.

Since Pat is away, I'm back to cooking for just 1.5 people. I've been trying to meal plan to make everything easier. Here is what I'm planning so far:
Wednesday: Cheese and Chili Pasta Bake. I have a jarred cheese sauce and some leftover homemade chili. I figure I'll cook it up with some pasta. It should be quick and easy and also uses my leftover chili.
Thursday: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Potatoes, and Carrots. I'm not sure how I'll cook the potatoes yet, but I'll definitely be using the vacuum marinator that Pat bought at the PX for the chicken. We used it last night with steak--yummy. I love marinated meat.
Friday: Manicotti. Maybe I'll make extra and freeze some like I do with stuffed shells.
Saturday: Definitely leftover night.
That's all I've planned out so far. Some meals may move around the schedule depending on leftovers and lunches, but at least I have a plan.


Devon said...

the cheese and chili pasta bake sounds interesting. how did it turn out?

Shelly said...

I thought it was really good and Ryan liked it too. I'm not picky though and may have just been really hungry. :)

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