October 31, 2012


Last night I was feeling sad and restless. I am excited to celebrate Halloween with the kids tonight, but I hate that Pat is missing ANOTHER event with the kids. I am really missing having my husband around and being a team raising the kids.

I know that we are only apart for 12 weeks this time, but I am anxious to start our new life together in our new home. I feel like we've been apart so much that I am just waiting to finally relax and know that he isn't going any where.

Does it make me a bad mom that I am not able to enjoy my kids like I should when I am all alone caring for everyone and everything by myself? That is something I've struggled with so much and have not conquered. I hate that I am so busy and overwhelmed that I cannot just enjoy the greatest blessings that are right in front of me.  I constantly try to remind myself that each moment is so precious, and I cannot get this time back.

I guess I just sometimes forget to listen to my own advice.

October 29, 2012

Leah's Ladybug Nursery

Continuing with the tour of our new home, here is one of the rooms I was most excited about decorating.  This is Leah's nursery.  I had it planned out since before she was born, and couldn't wait to finally create a nursery for my baby since this was the first (and last time) I would actually fully decorate a baby's room.

So here it is:

I thought these were full length curtains when I bought them, but it turns out they were only 63". I actually like the shorter length better for the nursery anyway.  The picture frame was a gift and I still need to get a printed photo to put into it.  The blanket on the glider was given to us from the hospital.
I wanted this ladybug bedding set for years if I ever had a girl.  And knowing I would name her Leah made the set even more perfect.  Coincidentally, I got really lucky.  Shortly after we found out Leah was a girl, I went to look at the bedding set online again.  It was on clearance!  I'm not only lucky that I got a good deal, but a few days later it was completely sold out.  I'm so thankful I checked out the website that day or else I would have lost out on the set I really wanted.
Here is a better view of the quilt.

Here are the nursery letters I painted.  I like doing crafts, but they hardly ever turn out like planned.  I could not be more proud of how these turned out though.
Here is a mobile I created.  It is scrapbook paper mod podged onto cardboard cutouts.  It was my first time using mod podge, and this is another craft I am proud of.

Here are a few details in the nursery.  The hamper we got at target and the colors work perfectly in the room.  The closet pull was left in another room by the previous owner so I moved it into Leah's nursery.  The lamp we got at Ocean State Job Lot for $7.
Here is a photo of the hair bow holder and a bookcase my father built for me when I was a kid.  It's nice that I can use it for my child now too.  All the pink outlet covers and stuff were in another room from the sellers, and I moved them into this room.  
And a close up of the hair bow holder I made.  You can read all the details about that HERE.  

So I think it is a perfect room for my perfect little girl :D

October 27, 2012

Ryan's First Day of School 2012

Last week Ryan finally started school again.  He's had a long break since the end of school back in May.  It wasn't ideal to enter school after the start of the year, but he seems to be fitting in just fine.  He really enjoys school right now so that is what is most important to me.

Here is a photo of my big boy right before we ran out the door for school.
Ryan goes three afternoons to school.  It's not the best time for us, but we're just happy that he is in school to learn now.  I'm still trying to figure out nap time for the other kids with driving Ryan to and from school.  In typical first time parent fashion I'm worried if he's learning all he needs to know for kindergarten next year, but they tell me this class is preparatory for that.

I think as a parent you never stop worrying...even over things you don't need to.

Here's a quick comparison of the first day of school over the years.
They aren't kidding when they say kids grow up way too fast!

October 22, 2012

4 Months Old

I missed posting Leah's 4 month old photos here earlier this month, so I'm going to catch you up with them now.

She is changing so fast right now.  She's turning from my little baby to my little girl.  She loves getting attention and will often whine and fuss if I don't focus on her.  She loves hanging out with her mommy and big brothers.  The boys can always make her smile.  She's going to love playing with them when she's bigger.

She's teething as you can tell in the first photos.  Hopefully soon the bottom teeth will cut.  She sleeps terribly, and would love it if mommy would hold her and feed her all night long.  That will have to change at some point, but for right now I enjoy our quiet moments to cuddle.

She looks a lot like her daddy.  She is overall a happy baby and very sweet to her mommy.  I also think she must be a pretty patient girl since she puts up with all the chaos that seems to be going on in our lives.

I could not ask for more.  

October 20, 2012

Family Room

Wow Blog, long time no write, huh?  And how uncool of me to make my comeback on a Saturday.

So we are moved into our new house.  We have an amazing neighborhood.  I cannot even count how many neighbors have stopped by to introduce themselves.  The neighborhood is also full of kids.  I could not be happier.  I love everything about my house.  My new furniture finally arrived, and I am starting to feel like I'm home.

But in contrast to all that positive, there is a little negative.  Pat isn't here yet.  It's hard for this to feel like our home when we haven't spent any time together here.  Another negative is that I'm really struggling to do everything alone and raise three children.  Taking care of two alone was hard, three I'm finding it next to impossible.  I feel like I am failing them on a daily basis, but that is a post for another time.

One of the things I wanted to do was show you the new house.  I decided to start with our family room.  This is what I call the boys' tv room.  It is where their toys are kept.  If we watch tv together this is where we go.

We kept the paint color the sellers had.  We still have to add some photos to the wall.  I want to put up photos of the kids, but as of right now I only have photos of the boys.  I'll need to get a photo of the three of them.  Did you notice we have a sectional sofa in this room?  I've always wanted a sectional.  I probably would not have thought to put one in this room.  After all, it isn't a very large room, but the sellers had one in there so I knew I could work one in too.  I think it will be a great spot for family time.  Did you see the huge ottoman too?  My mother gave me that as a house warming gift.  The kids love to lay across it, and it is awesome to put your feet up on at the end of the day.

Across from the sofa is the fireplace with the tv mounted above it.  We have glowing pumpkin lights that my dad got for the boys and a few buckets of storage for toys.  We are trying to keep the toys to a reasonable number in the house.  

Something I never had in my previous houses were windows to the front.  My living rooms always faced the back of my house.  I love to be able to look out and see what is going on in the neighborhood.  On this side of the room we are keeping some of the larger toys the boys play with.  How about those curtains?  Ocean State Job Lot for a total of $14.  And the curtain rods are from Christmas Tree Shop $3.99 a piece.  I love some of the great deals I can find in New England.  

When I knew I was going to have a green room, I knew exactly what warmer I wanted from Scentsy.  I bought Bandeau.  It is "whimsically stacked pale-green saucers lean to and fro" and it matches perfectly.  This warmer has a reactive glaze, which means it has a hand-crafted look and every warmer is unique and may vary slightly from one another, plus it glows when lit.  I love the way it looks at night.  
Speaking of Scentsy, I caved and created a facebook page.  I am very close to my first promotion, and there is so much I love about the products.  I would be forever grateful if you could go like my page for me.  Click HERE

I hope to show you more rooms very soon and thanks for being so patient with me!

October 3, 2012

Things to Love in October

I'm really excited that October is here.  I feel like I've been waiting for this month for so long, but I guess it's only been 6 weeks, although that has been long enough.

Here are some of the happenings that we have to look forward to:

*Thursday night we'll get Pat at the airport.  It's been almost 6 weeks since the kids saw him last.  We've done two facetime sessions, but that just isn't enough.  The boys miss their daddy.

*Friday we close on our new house.  I am so excited.  I cannot wait to see our new home.  We have very little time to settle in before Pat leaves again, so we'll start working on settling in and making the house our home that afternoon.

*Saturday all our stuff will arrive.  I am not so much looking forward to unpacking, but I will be happy when everything is in it's place.

*Halloween at the end of the month in our new home is an exciting thought.  I think we have a great neighborhood for trick or treating.

One last thing that is exciting about October that everyone can be happy about:

*Mandarin Moon is the scent of the month for Scentsy.  You can order it for 10% off all month long.  I've opened an online order party on my website if you'd like to order.  Click HERE.

For centuries, people have been giving the gift of juicy citrus to brighten the dark winter months.  Light up this season with Mandarin Moon--spirited cinnamon and glowing ginger illuminated by sweet orange and star anise.  
So far everyone I've heard from likes this scent.  It is a nice citrus smell that is warmed by the spices.   I think it is a great cozy scent for this time of year.  

I'll post pictures and update about the move as soon as I can.  We won't have internet at the house for a few days, so hopefully by the time that is up and running we'll almost be all settled.  Until then, Happy October!

October 2, 2012

Early Birthday Party

One of the things I missed the most living far away from family was not being able to share holidays and birthdays with them.  Now that we're back in the same state though that is going to change.

This weekend my sister hosted a birthday party for Sean.  It's about a week early because next weekend we'll be moving.  I cannot thank my sister enough for putting it all together.  It meant so much to me and Sean that he could have a real party.

Sean wanted a dog party.  My sister did a great job decorating to fit his theme.

We had puppy chow.
 And dogs in a blanket.
And there was the dog birthday cake.  Since all my cake decorating supplies are currently in a POD, we bought the cake.  It would have been easy enough to make it myself if I had my supplies.  Sean was so excited to see his dog cake.  
But the best part was being together with family and watching all the kids play together.

 Sean was all smiles at cake time.

It was a great party, and I cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays with everyone.  

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