January 3, 2010

Mission: Organization

Something I have been working on lately is trying to de-clutter and get organized. I used to think that people who spent a bunch of money on organizational products were silly, but the joke is on me. I'm starting to realize how helpful sorting and organizing products can be. Here are some of my most recent finds:

Laundry sorter hamper--we always have trouble keeping our laundry organized before we wash it. I am so excited for this to come. We are going to have one area for whites, one for darks, and one for Pat's uniform stuff. I really think this will help simplify my laundry tasks and keep our room more organized. (And if you only knew the trouble I went through when amazon.com dropped the price 2 hours after I bought it. I was able to get the cheaper price in the end though. Plus amazon was having an additional 15% off organizational products at checkout--woo hoo!)
Suction sponge holder--okay, this one was only $2.99, and I'm wondering why I didn't get it sooner. I cannot stand when Pat leaves a wet sponge in the bottom of the sink. I usually end up throwing the sponge out and getting a new one because I think that is gross. Now that hopefully won't be an issue with this new product.
In the sink dish drainer--We had a dish drainer before, but we kept it on the counter. Keeping it on the counter took up lots of space and ended up a big pile of clean pots and pans. Now that we'll be keeping it in the sink, the counter will look better and hopefully we'll store less dishes in the drainer.


Devon said...

can you please please let me know what laundry thing you bought? we have had ours for 5 years and it is plastic and falling apart! i can't find a metal one in the stores and haven't thought to look online! it will make your life soooo much easier though!

Shelly said...

I got this one from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Honey-Can-Do-SRT-01235-Chrome-Heavy-Duty-Laundry/dp/B001F51AM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1262614994&sr=8-1
It is still an additional 15% off and free shipping. It comes to about $36.

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