October 31, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

There have been a couple times in recent weeks where I was so thankful for kind strangers.  I think random acts of kindness are awesome.  (Yup, I said awesome....for lack of a better word.)  

Do you preform random acts of kindness?  I can't really say that I do.  I should.  I think we all should.  I would love to, but I just don't seem to find the right moment.  That feels like an excuse though.  Maybe that will be a new goal for me.  Find ways to show random acts of kindness at least once a month.  If I do follow though with it I don't think I'd blog about it though.  That would be like tooting your own horn.

One of the random acts of kindness I received was simply a lady parked next to me at the grocery store offering to take my cart back for me while I loaded the kids in the car.  It may not seem like much to you, but to me it was a very kind gesture that made my life a bit easier.  I hope that lady realized how much I appreciated it when I thanked her.  

The second time I received a generous act was just this past week.  While Ryan was at school Sean and I went to target to pick up the new Winnie the Pooh dvd.  Sean tends to walk slowly through stores and get distracted by each display.  To encourage him to walk with me I kept telling him we'd go get the Winnie the Pooh dvd.  A man on a motorized cart smiled at Sean and said hello.  He asked if he was getting the Pooh dvd, and I told him we were.  We went on to the dvd section and picked out the Winnie the Pooh dvd (plus a Chuggington dvd upon Sean's insistence.)  On our way to the registers the same man from before was coming back our way.  He stopped me and told me he was going to be picking up that dvd but decided to wait until next week and wanted to give me his $5 off coupon.  I thanked him greatly and Sean and I went to pay.  I passed him again on the way out from the registers and again said thank you for his kindness.  

I hope these people know how much they brightened my day.  I hope they feel good about themselves, because I think they should.  They inspire me, and I hope that I can bring some simple joy to someone else's day on a regular basis too.  


October 26, 2011

My Next Home

This spring Pat and I will be moving.  We do not know where we will be going yet or even what Pat will be doing.  There are some dreams we are trying to achieve, but only time will tell.  Even if those don't work out, we have some options waiting.  With another move comes another house.  With 3 dogs, renting is usually out.  So we'll be buying again, but this time we plan/hope to make it a long term home.

So I've been thinking a lot about what I want in a next house.  Because this is a home we plan to keep, we want it to be the RIGHT home for us.  Here's a list of what I'm looking for:

  • two living areas.  One could be a finished basement.  I just want to have a living room that can be clean and then a playroom we can live in.  
  • a fenced yard.  This isn't a must because we can always do it ourselves, but if it's already done that is a huge plus.  
  • I really want to have 2 baths.  Some of the locations we are looking at don't necessarily have this in the older houses.  
  • decent size bedrooms (3 or 4).  If the boys ever end up sharing a bedroom it will have to be a good sized room for that to work.  The master bedroom only has to be big enough to fit my furniture. 
  • MUST have 3 of the decent sized bedrooms on the same floor.  I will not compromise on this.  I don't want the kids on a different level.     
  • either a big kitchen or a separate dining area near the kitchen.  Right now my kitchen isn't large and the eating area is right in the kitchen.  It is closed off from the rest of the house.  While I'm not too specific on what the next one must be there is a definitely feel that I'm looking for.  I do not want to feel cramped.  
In some of the places we may end up it seems the perfect layout for us is a raised ranch.  It generally has the living room upstairs and a family room in the basement.  There is also typically a dining area right next to the kitchen.  So really it seems the tougher points to find will be 3 good sized bedrooms, 2 baths, and a good yard.  Did I mention how much I would love to have a house near a park or playground?  

What are your musts for a home?  Am I forgetting to consider anything?


October 25, 2011


I've been a bit overwhelmed lately.  Do you ever just feel like your plate is so full that sometimes you drop things?  That's what has happened to blogging lately.  I have lots of post ideas and things to tell you about, but my problem seems to be that I have very little time to do it.

Last week Pat was "in the field".  I'm used to being alone, but it still takes all my energy and time taking care of the kids.  By the time I get them to bed, I just need to chill out with some me time and shut down.  I'm thankful for all the new TV shows on because they allow me to stop thinking for a while and just relax.

Speaking of bedtime though, Sean is being a bit difficult.  He feels the need for me to cuddle him every night until he is asleep.  And right now as he is teething, he's a little more clingy with me than normal.  And this whole routine gets worse when he starts fighting sleep just to stay awake with me longer.  We have to make some major changes with his bedtime routine, but I'll let the teeth come in first.

It seems Pat will have many late nights this week and goes back to the field next week, so I have the feeling I'm going to be feeling rundown for a while.  So that's where I'm at....I am looking forward to catching up with all your blogs soon.

October 18, 2011

Quick Updates and Early B-day Gifts

I know I haven't written a few days.  I guess I had lots going on.  Last week was school break, so the kids and I had to find ways to keep busy.  We had a new roof put on our house last week, doctor appointments, and just busy stuff.

My birthday present from Pat came early.  My birthday isn't for over another month, but I certainly don't mind getting the gift early.  I got an iphone 4S.  I didn't have an iphone before, and I guess I felt like I was missing out.  Now that I have one, I'm not completely sure why I needed one, but I'm very happy to have it.  As soon as I get over my fear of breaking it, I'm sure I'll be using the camera and posting pics more frequently.  Anyone have any apps to recommend?

To go along with my iphone I needed a cute case of course.  Pat helped me pick out the right one.  Isn't it cute?
I'm trying to get over a little sickness the kids gave me.  I'm going to take it easy at home today.  Hopefully I kick it really soon so I can feel more like myself and then maybe get a good night of sleep too.


October 11, 2011

Frog Prince Cupcakes

I really enjoy decorating cupcakes and cakes.  I am not the best at it, but I guess that doesn't matter if you really like doing something.  One of my favorite places to find ideas for cupcakes for the kids is Disney Family.com.

I saw the cutest Frog Prince cupcakes on there and just knew I had to make them for Sean's Birthday.  You can find the directions Here.

I wanted to have frosting all over mine, so I decided blue could be the water.

Next I made the eyes.  You'll need some green gum drops.  Cut them in half.
 And you'll also need some marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Cut the marshmallows in half too.
 I found the best way to make the eyes was to stick the chocolate chip into the cut side of a marshmallow half and press down.  Then take that and push against the sticky, cut side of the gum drop.
 Repeat until you have all the eyes created.
For the mouth, place a green fruit slice onto the cupcakes.  And in case you have trouble finding fruit slices near you, I bought mine from amazon.com.
Then place the eyes you created right behind the mouth.
Now you'll need to make a crown for your frog.  You can use yellow or orange Starbursts.  Cut two small Vs out of the top.  Don't worry if the cuts aren't smooth.  You can mold the crown to make it look better.  Then take a tooth pick and push the crown onto it.
Push the crown into the cupcake just behind the eyes and you have a Frog Prince.

That's one frog I wouldn't mind kissing ;)  Enjoy!

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October 10, 2011

Real Momma, Real Style: Skinny Jeans

A while back I would have laughed if you told me I'd wear skinny jeans.  I'm not stick thin, and I have some love handles to hide.  Last year I gave in and bought one pair of skinny jeans to wear, but only when I wear boots.  I love boots.  I never would have thought I'd wear skinny jeans without boots.  You know what though?  I did, and I loved it.  They are super comfortable, and I felt cute wearing them.

Sweater and Tank:  Old Navy  Jeans and Sandals:  Lands' End Canvas

{On Sean} Shirt and Pants:  hand-me-downs from his big brother from Carter's  Shoes:  cutest little Oscar the Grouch shoes from Stride Rite (I wish I got a better pic of them to show you.)

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Favorite Things Blog Swap

Kodi at A Brighter Yellow set up and hosted a favorite things blog swap that I participated in.  My partner was Trina from XOXO, Trina.

You MUST go check out Trina's blog.  She has the best videos on her blog.  She speaks with a sweet accent, has awesome style, and talks about things she loves, like makeup, clothes, purses, etc.  Trina really just seems like someone everyone would want as a friend.

I received my package from Trina this weekend, and I was completely spoiled by her.  Here are the things she sent me.

First there is a package of Figlets.  I've never tried these before, but the boys and I will try them as a snack.  I think they may end up being a hit.  
Included in Trina's favorite things was a three piece set from Bath and Body works in the Twilight Woods scent.  I really like the smell.  It is a combination of sultry and sweet, and is a good departure from my boring norm.  
Also there was an EOS lip balm.  This stuff is great!  I've mentioned before how I am picky about lip products, but this one makes me happy.  I love how the packaging is unique.  The lip balm is summer fruit, which reminds me of a juicy mango.  I will be using this daily.  
I think my favorite part of what Trina sent was a CD of her favorite tunes.  I never would have thought to do this.  It is so personal, and I just love the idea.  I cannot wait to listen to it.  
She also sent me a nail polish in a great color.  This color is called Steel Grey.  To me there seems to be a hint of purple in it.  Stupid me forgot to enclose a note in the package I sent Trina to tell her about my favorite things, but if I had, I would have told her that I sent her purple nail polish because every time I have my nails done Ryan wants them to be purple.  So this Steel Grey will be perfect.  
And in that note card behind the polish is a Starbucks gift card.  Ahhh!  I enjoy indulging in a skinny vanilla latte every once in a while.  It brings me a moment of peace and sanity.  

 See, I told you I was spoiled.  The swap was so much fun.  I hope that Trina liked my favorite things as much as I liked hers.  Go take a minute to check out Trina's Blog.

October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Happy Birthday, Baby Sean!  You are 2 years old today.

You aren't a baby anymore, but I'm pretty sure the name "Baby Sean" will be sticking around for a while.  You can thank your big brother for that one.  Daddy and I have some interesting nicknames for you: Dubby, Dub(s), Dubbah, etc.  You don't seem to mind though.

You have grown up so much in the past year.  I cannot believe what a big boy you are.  Although, you deny that you are big boy and prefer to just be Sean--not a baby and not a big boy.  It has taken me a while to learn your personality.  You are a bit subtle about showing your true colors.  You are such a sweet boy who loves to cuddle.  You are sensitive, but also have a mischievous side too.  You freely admit when you are being bad, but you don't particularly care to change the behavior.  You are very playful.  You have a sweet tooth that I think you got from Daddy.  You have a stubborn side, but we all do in this family.  You like to do things for yourself.  You are not a very good sleeper.  You think that we should sleep together, and while that isn't the best habit, I don't really mind.  

You have changed our family and our hearts--both for the better.  You are a sweet little brother that is usually willing to share.  You are kind and sweet.  You have a smile that melts my heart.  The twinkle in your eyes is so bright.  Your laughter reminds me of all that is right in this world.  You have been such a blessing these past two years.  I am so lucky to know you and be your mommy.

Happy birthday my little boy! (Please stop growing up so fast though.)


October 5, 2011


During the first few weeks of school, Ryan came home with a printout of the prayer they use to say grace before snack time.  I thought it would be nice for us to use the same prayer before our family meals.  I taped the printout to the wall until I have time to craft a more permanent one.  

Ryan sometimes likes to say grace.  He demands that our hands be folded and our eyes shut.  Monday night he started the prayer, and it went something like this:

Dear God,
Thank you (mumble, mumble)
(words we couldn't understand)
(another inaudible sentence)
Amen (or as he sometimes says "the end")

Pat and I glanced at each other with giant smiles on our faces.  We are so proud of our little boy for saying grace, but also couldn't help but giggle at the fact that no one except for God was probably able to understand it.  

It's in those small moments that I find such great joy.   


October 4, 2011

House Arrest

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of my house.  And if I'm being honest, I don't really like my house.  Let me give a bit of background to this though.

When our oldest son was 2 weeks old, Pat had to fly from OK to TN to go look for a house to buy.  Obviously with a newborn I couldn't go with him.  Our house is fine, great even, but just not what I would want to have forever.  And the thing is, I know it's not forever with this military life style.  I so badly want to buy a house, plan to keep it, raise my family there, and grow old in it.

My feeling trapped by my house comes from many things like the hot and humid summers that make you want to stay in the cool air conditioning, the fact that our neighborhood has no sidewalks and cars come flying down our street so playing out front is not something we do often, how we are sinking money into this house that needs a new roof and now is having a problem with the heating, or the fact that since I know it's temporary I just don't feel committed to this house (yet we are approaching 4 years here).  There is so much more I could say, but I think you get the point.

We are hoping that this spring we will be moving.  (And yes, I am DREADING the process of selling our house)  We have lots of plans, hopes, wishes for what is to come next.  I sincerely hope that my next house feels like a home where we can truly settle and grow roots.

Have you ever felt like this about where you were in life at some point?

I know many of my posts lately have seemed kind of negative or sad.  I'm really doing just fine, but these are the things on my mind and in my heart.  I want to be honest with my blog.  Even though I may be struggling with accepting some things, I know what a wonderful life I have and am so thankful each and every day.


October 3, 2011

Friends and Motherhood

I've never been someone who makes friends easily.  I'm not an outgoing personality.  In fact I'm rather shy.   When I meet new people I'm not bubbly.  I tend to be subdued.  I listen well though.  

I think that sometimes motherhood can make finding friends even harder.  Have you met those competitive moms?  There is nothing more annoying to me than the moms that try to one up you whenever you speak.  But that isn't the only issue you face.  There is so much judgement out there.  Not all moms judge others, but I've met a fair share that do.  I've been at play dates and just know that I'm being judged as a poor parent if my child is the one that becomes rambunctious.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to be in front of new people and have you child ignoring everything you say?

Maybe it's just where I am right now, but where are the moms that pour you more coffee and can commiserate when your children aren't being perfect?  The ones ones that will admit their kids do the same things?

I think given the choice between the judgmental and competitive moms or loneliness I would choose being lonely.  That said though, being lonely is really hard.
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