July 30, 2010

Crazy Busy, Guilt

This week we have been crazy busy. I've been running around on errands or trying to get tasks that need to be finished done while I'm at home. These hectic days are leaving me less time for the kids than I would like, and I'm feeling super guilty about it. I hate being a mom that runs around all day doing my work and not focusing on my most important job--taking care of my kids. It's not always like this, there have just been a few things lately that needed to be addressed as they happened. Then towards the end of the week things just got really busy and out of my control. I can already tell the next 4 or 5 days could be really busy too. I'm finding it hard to balance everything when big issues keep popping up on the radar unexpectedly. I just really worry about my kids being happy and getting all the attention they need. Hopefully this weekend I'll have a bit of quiet time to spend bonding with them and enjoying their laughs and smiles.

Do you ever get so busy that you feel guilty for giving your kids less attention?

I know things will slow down in a few days, but I feel bad about splitting my attention and time away from the kids.


Robyn said...

Shelly...your kids will thank you later in life for getting things done. I promise you! I will call sometime this week! It is going to be crazy busy for the next two weeks :(

Jessica said...

I struggle with this so often
It is a challenge to find the balance sometimes
Hope that your getting some good quality bonding this weekend =)

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