July 21, 2010

Putting It Away

Much to your dismay, I've decided to make an honest effort at putting the computer away during the day. I find myself drawn to the computer far too often, especially during deployments. I have my cell phone to notify me of e-mails, so it isn't like I'll miss an important one from my hubby. There is no reason for me to check facebook or read blogs during the day when I could be 100% with my children or being productive around the house. I think the computer has started to rule me, and I need to break that.

Now don't worry. I'll still be blogging; I'll just do it in the evening like I do most of the time. I'll still be replying to e-mails because after all, I'll have to do FRG e-mails during the day sometimes. And there is always dealing with my stamping business that could cause me to get on the computer too. But I am truly going to try to cut back on my computer time when I should be doing more productive things instead. Do you spend a lot of time on the computer? Has it become a bad habit for you or do you have it under control?

Speaking of my business though, remember if you want a Holiday Mini catalog mailed to you, contact me before the end of this month so I can get you on my mailing list. There are some great new products in there and awesome stamps that I plan on using on my Christmas cards.

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