July 13, 2010

9 Month Well Baby and the End of Sleep

Sean had his 9 month well baby visit yesterday. He is 22lbs and 29.75" long. That makes him slightly heavier than Ryan at that same age and over an inch longer. I got confirmation at the appointment of what a shy momma's boy Sean is. He did not like being held by anyone but me, and hated when he wasn't in my arms.

I had been waiting for this appointment to talk to the doctor about getting Sean back into his own crib. I had mentioned in a previous post about how we've ended up co-sleeping lately. I told you that we never intended to do it (in fact we NEVER did with Ryan), but the fact is that Sean was just not sleeping in his crib almost at all, and I needed sleep. I know that co-sleeping is a debatable topic, you can save any criticisms you may have on it since I do not care to hear them. I had to do what was going to be best for me and Sean, and at that time the answer was sleep. So the doctor kind of treated me like I'm an idiot for doing it. He tried to say that I was doing it because I didn't want my baby to grow up or because I missed my husband. I explained that it started well before my husband left, and I planned on having more children so I wasn't trying to hold on to the baby phase. The doctor didn't listen so well. I will gladly admit that there was something so sweet about the tender moments of watching my baby sleep or cuddling up next to him. I never had those moments with Ryan. While they were enjoyable, I did not want to continue them. Sean being in my bed was a matter of necessity and not preference.

So last night was the start of putting Sean in his crib. It was traumatic to say the least. Once he was down though he did pretty well. He only woke up a few times. The initial bedtime was the worst, but close to it is how Sean SCREAMS every time I place him down. So all those middle of the night wake ups and nursing sessions end in a terribly sad and angry screaming fit. That screaming breaks my heart because there is nothing he will let me do to comfort him without picking him up. I am so thankful though that he does not cry long after those wake ups. In less than 2 minutes he goes back to sleep. I think last night may have been progress. It was hard, but worth it. Sean even slept until 7 a.m. today, but I know that the poor kid was so tired from the traumatic beginning to his night.

While I missed my cuddle buddy, I was very content to have the bed to myself and a decent night of sleep. I am hoping tonight is easier than last night.


Jessica said...

Hope that tonight is easier for you guys!

Kayla Sue said...

Before I had Tator Tot, I was very skeptical of co-sleeping. Then I started doing it with him, because it was the only way I could get any sleep!! (Every time I set him down, he'd wake up!)

Thankfully he's outgrown that and is back to his own bassinet, but soon it will be time to make the switch to the crib, and I'm nervous about that!!

I hope things get better for your little Sean soon!

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