July 25, 2010

"Harmless Habits that Age you"

Yahoo had a link to an article today, "9 'Harmless' Habits That Age You" (click for link to article). I thought it would be fun to count how many of the 9 habits I am committing. I definitely feel like I'm aging faster than I should, so here it goes:

1. Not getting enough sleep--with two children, three dogs, and all the household chores, I don't go to bed early, and I have several wake ups in the middle of the night. Add on to all that, checking my phone for e-mails from the husband every time I roll over. So basically I'm getting a very fragmented and crappy night of sleep lately.

2. A sweet spot for sweets--apparently as you age too much sugar can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. It goes on to say that by age 45 you should limit added on sugars to the amount in one can of coke. Geez, I could drink one can of coke in about 2.2 second. Thankfully with Pat deployed I've given up coke, and hopefully I won't go back to that. However, I still have a sweet tooth. I'm not sure I'll ever be on a low sugar diet.

3. Being stressed more often than not--hmm, a deployment where my husband is almost always on a communication blackout during a period of a troop surge; yeah no stress there. Maybe after this year I'll be less stressed. Now we know why we all feel a deployment ages us so much.

4. You only exercise to lose weight--I'm even worse than that, I'm barely working out these days. I don't really want to use a gym daycare and pay for a membership. I can't get Ryan to sit in a stroller. My body is aching to be worked out though and I know it. I just don't have the motivation to do it at 9 p.m. when the house is quiet though. So I'm hoping to get in some long, quick walks with Sean while Ryan goes to preschool starting next month. I also want time to bond with Sean though so it will be a balancing act. At least I think I will be able to do better than I am right now.

5. You blast your ipod--NOPE, finally one that doesn't apply!!! Although with the communication I do get from the phones in Afghanistan, I feel like I'm deaf, and I fully understand why Ryan thought you were always supposed to say "Huh?" when you talked on the phone after Pat's last deployment.

6. You never see your girlfriends--this could be a post in itself, and maybe it will be soon. I am so tired to trying to make friends here. This one is definitely aging me if the studies are true. I have a few great friends, none of them are here. My closest one is about 2.5 hours away, which isn't bad, but is a long ride with two kids and a time change. I guess I've just resigned myself to the fact now that I may not forge great friendships here, but I do have hope for our next duty station...maybe I can stop aging when we PCS.

7. You eat veggies, but not daily--I eat veggies, but not as much as I should. This article says to eat them with every meal. I guess I have something I can work on.

8. You've shunned all fat from your diet--NOPE, yay! another one that I haven't committed. I keep fat in my diet. ;)

9. You can't recall the last time you had sex--hahah...well I can recall, but obviously it isn't any time recently and won't be for a long while. It's not something I can help or change though. They say it can make you look younger--up to 12 years! Now if that isn't a reason to get busy....

Yup, so I have about 7 of those habits. No wonder I'm looking so ragged lately. Maybe I should start making some changes. How about you? How many of these habits do you have?


Megan said...

I definitely think I get enough sleep now, but we will have to see about when school starts, hah.

Also, I probably have too many sweets, and am too stressed because of wedding planning, and I haven't really gotten a good exercise routine going. I'm good on the iPod thing, as I rarely listen to it. However, all my girlfriends live in my computer.

7 and 8 don't apply to me, but 9...hah, it wasn't that long ago, but it will be a while until I can again due to being in a long-distance relationship.

Very thought-provoking :)

Kayla Sue said...

This is so interesting!! I thought the exercising just to lose weight was strange! I really don't have a big sweet tooth, I love my salts! :)

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