July 14, 2010


Last year some birds built a nest on the motion detector attached to the light by our front door. These birds had their babies in the nest. Every time anyone approached the door the parent birds would fly away and the babies would hide. I enjoyed watching them there.

This year they are back and have had more babies up there. I find something comforting about them coming back to the same home at my front door. I feel like they are friendly little neighbors.

Pat was always so embarrassed by what the birds left behind on our front stoop.
And they are doing that again this year. This is a picture from a few days ago. The babies are growing up so fast, and the mess on the stoop quadruples each day. I cannot keep up with cleaning it. And while I agree with Pat that it isn't exactly the first impression I'd like to make, I don't mind so much because I take all the mess as a sign of a thriving little bird family.

Here is a picture of a baby bird peeking it's head out waiting for the parents to come back and feed it. (It could have been a better photo if I weren't too lay to get my better camera lens out.)
While I was getting a box in today, I noticed that the babies look significantly larger than in the picture above that was taken a few days ago. Soon they'll leave the nest, and maybe I'll have less poop on my stoop :)

Another bird that I can show you is the cute card that I made with my new stamping supplies. I am absolutely in love with all the stuff I bought from the new catalog. The colors are gorgeous, the new stamps are helping my creative flow, and the punches are tons of fun. The Holiday Mini Catalog will be coming out soon, if you would like me to mail you a free copy, just let me know.

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Amber said...

That is so cute! I bet it is so fun to watch them grow. I'm sure a pain to have to clean up after though.

Cute card you made!

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