July 3, 2010


I've been having issues with solicitors lately. It seems like whenever the weather gets warm my neighborhood gets flooded with sales people. It really bothers me because frequently they are overbearing and pushy, wake up my children, or are just plain rude. I had enough of them. I decided recently that I needed a sign and couldn't procrastinate any longer. Ideally I wanted to make one, but I knew taking Ryan to any craft store would be a bad idea; there are just too many things for him to touch. So I ordered one online. It was hard to find what I was looking for. I wanted something that looked homemade and had some character to it. I found one place online that allowed you to customize your colors. So I ordered it and had an idea of how I would add character to it once it arrived.
I am sure the original creator would cringe at what I did to her pretty sign, but I like it this way. I feel like even with it's imperfections, it is perfect for MY home.
I planned on sharing the website and information about where I got the sign, but the website for the company is either down or has disappeared. If it is back up in a few days I'll post more about it.

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