August 30, 2008

Weekends and Watermelon

It's strange how the weekends drag on during deployments but fly by when we are together.  During each deployment I've noticed the weekends seem even more boring and lonely than the weekdays.  This is odd because my routine is pretty much the same no matter which day of the week it is.  My Monday is relatively the same as my Saturday.  I've contemplated this phenomenon many times and really don't know what the difference is.  It could be that everything seems more quiet without everyone bustling about or when you do see people you always see couples and families enjoying time together.  I look forward to weekends when Pat comes home, but until then I'll get through these long ones one at a time.  

Today Ryan tried watermelon for the first time.  That alone isn't anything special, but the fact that he picked it up and ate it himself is (at least to me).  I've realized that as we try to transition to more finger foods, Ryan really doesn't like picking up wet food.  He usually gets mad when I put something "strange" on his tray.  He likes cereal like foods, and he does like fruits in his mesh feeder.  I've tried many different finger foods, but he has had no interest until today.  I was very surprised that he decided to try the watermelon considering he didn't want to feed himself cantaloupe as a finger food the days before.  He liked the watermelon and kept grabbing more.  So I decided to see if he'd still feed himself if I put some cantaloupe down, and he did.  Maybe he'll start trying more things now.  I'm so excited, and he really enjoyed it.         

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