August 18, 2008

Semi-Productive Vet Trip

Taking Abbey to the vet was only a 3.5 hour production.  Here's how it went:
I nursed Ryan at 9:30 and then we left.  I realized post is pretty far away.  Finally I made it over to the CDC around 9:55.  It was very crowded and busy.  So they check Ryan's name off the list and tell me I can bring him to room 101.  Since I toured the facility a couple months ago, I knew where I was going.  I get there and start signing him in.  The daycare provider (or teacher as some like to call them) said she'd take Ryan and I could sign him in.  That was it, and it was time for me to go.  My only glance back at Ryan was to see him crawling with a toy.  He seemed happy so I felt okay.  They said to call in about an hour and a half to see how he is doing if I want.  
I went home, got Abbey, and drove straight to the vet even though I was early.  I got there and waited.  Finally Abbey's turn came.  She weighed 38lbs (one less than last month and down 15 total since this began).  Eventually a vet comes in and I tell her what is going on.  She tells me a list of things it could be, including cancer, and says she wants to go look some stuff up and will be back.  She comes back and shows me the veterinary text book of diseases, etc.  Right now the best choice for what is wrong with her is Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.  The symptoms match perfectly, and Abbey is part German Shepherd so that makes it even more likely.  Well, the blood test they need to do to diagnose this has to be done after a 12 hour fast period.  So it looks like Abbey will have to go back another day for that.  Abbey thought she had been so clever to hide behind the table because the vet never so much as looked at her.  Abbey didn't mind this visit so much.  While waiting to pay the bill, I called to check on Ryan.  I was put on hold for 5 minutes, and then finally they said they were busy down in the room and could I call back later.  So I went and dropped Abbey off at home and drove back to post to get my boy.  I expected to find Ryan playing, but was shocked to see him slumped down, sleeping in a bouncy seat.  They told me he had cried off and on and finally cried himself to sleep in the seat.  It takes a lot for him to cry to sleep, so I know it must have been a rough time for him.  He would NOT take a bottle, and really seemed to want to nurse they said.  The poor boy was so hungry and unhappy.  So I got him up and we headed home.  He was very happy to be back in the car and he seems exhausted.  I think we all are.  
So now I have this little problem of getting Abbey's blood test done.  I can't put Ryan in daycare first thing in the morning since he won't take a bottle.  And I really do not want a 2.5 hour expedition just for a 15 minute vet appointment.  I think my best idea right now is that one morning Abbey, Ryan and I will go to the vet together.  When it comes to the blood work time, I'll just have to put Ryan in the stroller in the hall for a  minute, hold Abbey down, and get it done.  Everything is much more complicated being a single parent.  I just wish I had a friend who could help me out once in a while during these pinches, but I guess I am proving I can do it all by myself.  While today wasn't the most productive at the vet, I'm at least confident that we are getting closer to fixing my baby girl.  

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Mroszczyk Family said...

Oh my gosh, that would be so wonderful if they finally figured out what it would be! And, that looks like it would be easily treatable and that she would go back to herself! I wish that I could be there to help you...what about one of those girls that you went out for lunch with?

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