August 6, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Sometimes it feels like whenever things are going our way, something gets in the way.  Pat and I joke about how we can never work the system and get away with anything while we watch all the other people get handed great things without trying for them.  Slowly but surely we are making progress.  Pat and I had a few important things planned during R & R that obviously won't be happening now, but we are figuring things out and setting up alternative plans. I don't want to jinx it, but so far things have been going well today.  I guess I'm just a little leery of what might be waiting to sneak up and ruin it.   

Speaking of steps, I usually love all of Ryan's milestones, but I have to say this whole standing up thing is my least favorite.  He is standing up everywhere.  Unfortunately he's wobbly, and I'm so afraid of him falling and bumping his head.  Sometimes he just pushes himself backwards not realizing he'll fall, but thankfully I'm there to catch him.  Even though it can be scary sometimes, it is truly amazing to see him learning new things each day.    

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Mroszczyk Family said...

I meant to call you today but time got away from me. That sincerely sucks about R&R. And, that really is awful that Pat is having such a hard time there. We are 100% with you about feeling out of place. I will tell you all about hopefully tomorrow if I can get a chance to call. You won't believe the latest developments!

Yeah and Porter took a dive into a table at one of my friend's BBQ tonight and cut his tongue pretty badly. I almost fainted and he got blood all over Joe. Awful.

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