August 7, 2008


I thought writing about some things that have been bothering me might help.  This will be long, so here it goes.   

When the husband is away one always hopes things go smoothly.  Somehow there always seems to be a bump in the road though.  Here are just 3 issues that are not helping to boost my like of Tennessee.  

1.)  Poor Abbey is still sick.  It all started back in February, in fact it was Valentine's Day to be exact.  She started having a dramatic change in her bowel habits.  Pat and I knew something was wrong.  Every time we brought Abbey in to the vet (the one that is highly recommended by everyone here), they could never give an answer as to what was wrong.  Most of the time I think they thought Pat and I were imagining it.  Once they did suggest doggy anti-depressants, but I do not believe that is her problem.  I think that they just really like giving medications at this vet.  Eventually Abbey's bowel habits returned to being somewhat normal, but Pat and I still felt like something was wrong.  However, we'd already easily spent $1000 to have no answers and all normal tests, so we knew that we'd just have to wait until some other symptom was visible.  Fast forward--before my trip home I had to bring the dogs to the vet on post for a vaccine before boarding them.  Abbey went in first.  I knew Abbey had lost weight, but I was shocked when I saw the scale.  When we moved here Abbey weighed 52 lbs, and now she is 39.  She is literally a sack of bones, even the vet tech commented on it and was worried. But again, no one knows why.  I've now found a great little pet food store in town (it is the only highlight of living here so far in my book), and bought an all natural food supposed to help her bulk up.  I'm very worried about her though and I foresee another vet visit in my near future.  I'm apprehensive about this though because the vet has been less than nice, and obviously doesn't seem to have a clue as far as medical knowledge.  One of the last times I was there by myself and the vet kept commenting saying stuff like, "how are you going to protect your son from her (Abbey)?"  I was too polite to say "I'll worry about raising my son, you worry about fixing my dog."  Another challenge I'll face taking her to the vet is that she is petrified of people "doing things" to her and tries to bite when there.  She has had a tough life filled with vet visits, and she isn't even 2 years old yet.  The last time I went to the vet was such an awful experience (hence previous blog post "crappy day"), and I'm really afraid to take her by myself.  Oh yeah, and then I have Ryan that I haven't fully registered hourly daycare because I don't have a 3rd local contact to list for emergencies, and I can't take both of them together to the vet.   I wish I had a neighbor or friend that could watch Ryan for an hour so I could get this all settled.  

2.)  Speaking of neighbors, one of mine is just fantastic (sarcasm).  It was the same day that I had taken the dogs to the post vet for vaccines, which I'll repeat was absolutely awful, I had a run in with my neighbor.  It was 8:10 pm and the door bell rings.  Ryan is already in bed and the dogs are now going nuts.  I see it is the my neighbor and am thinking, "gee that's nice, she's probably coming over to introduce herself", since I had never met her before.  Yeah, that wasn't it.  So I step outside in my pajama pants and socks.  She says she has a concern and wants to talk to me about it and to follow her.  I oblige.  She then starts complaining that the people I hire to mow my yard are leaving her grass uneven, (yes a 2" strip right along the fence line is uneven with their yard made of dirt with a few patches of grass), when they weed-eat the outside of the fence and she wants them to stop doing it.  I tell her I'm sorry and that I'll make sure to tell them when they come next.  She however cannot just leave it at that.  Then she starts talking about how long the grass is in the empty field behind our houses.  I agree that it is getting long.  She then tells me that I should mow it even though it isn't my property.  I finally said, "listen, my husband is deployed and I have a baby in the house, I'm not mowing the field."  She then goes on telling me that I don't have to...but when she moved in they told her she had to mow the field and that the people who used to live in my house had their mower do it for them. (I however know this is a lie because when we moved in we introduced ourselves to her husband who told us he mowed it behind the previous owners home because he did not want snakes to bother their baby.--see my previous snakes blog to see why)  These neighbors don't have a fence so essentially they are just extending what is their usable yard by mowing, but I have a fence and do not care about property I do not own.  I really do not understand why the 3 feet behind my fence is bothering them but okay.  So then I just nod and say I'll tell my mowers not to weed whack over there again.  As I head in, she stops me to say, "I'm just letting you know that the about the field, you don't have to do it, but....oh and what's your name?"  I answer Michelle, and she says, "Sorry I have to yell at you, I'm Carol by the way."  I wanted to say f-off Carol, but instead headed inside.  I'm a little irritated by this neighbor now, so I'm sure I'm being picky, but it also bothers me that they start to mow their lawn at 10 minutes until 8 at night until 8:30, but I know I'm just being a mom not wanting to have her baby woken up.  However, the straw that broke the camels back was when on Saturday morning he starts weed whacking at 7:55 am.  I was of course already up with Ryan, but if Pat were home and sleeping I'd have been super mad.  GRRR...I just don't like them.  
I can also recall that when we were moving in this same neighbor started screaming at the moving truck because it had blocked them in.  Now the moving truck is huge and doesn't have many places it can go, but I did feel bad for inconveniencing them.  So the guy gets in the truck and moves it down the street.  She goes out to her car starts it up and then goes into the house for a half hour before ever leaving.  As the moving guy told me, "she's a b!tch", and I should have believed him.  

3.)  This one is just kind of an odd story.  Earlier this week I was driving to the grocery store.  I had just passed the high school and was going up a hill.  I thought I noticed a car flash me, but I wasn't sure.  I decided to proceed cautiously.  I didn't see anything.  Then I finally see two police cars with their lights on pulled over in the opposing lane.  Two officers are out of the cars, one on my side of the road and one on the other.  The one on my side holds up his hand to stop me from continuing and I do so.  I then notice that the officer on the other side of the road is holding a rifle.  Then as if everything were in slow motion, I watch him point the gun at the side of the road and all of a sudden 2 shots one right after the other.  I think I was screaming in the car at this point.  Then they let me drive on.  I was shaking and couldn't believe what I just witnessed.  All I can think about is that they probably just shot an animal in front of me.  Thank goodness I didn't see it, and I know it was probably an injured deer or something, but please don't do it in front of me.  I am so glad that Ryan is young and facing backwards in the car because I would hate to have to explain that one to him.  

I swear something must be wrong with Tennessee.  

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