August 5, 2008

That Is A Blow

Today we had a blow to our morale.  Pat called to tell me his R & R was canceled.  I am not all that surprised, and I do understand.  However, my big problem is that they really killed my husband's morale.  Pat has been told for over 3 months that he was still getting R & R even with their plans to come home early.  He was really looking forward to seeing his son and needed a break from the job that he is doing over there.  Pat is definitely over worked and under-appreciated.  Pat feels bad for me that he isn't coming home, but as I told him, "I am strong, I can make it."  I feel awful that he is upset and I cannot make it better.  I know we are lucky that he'll only be gone a bit over 8 months, so it isn't really the fact of how long he'll be gone as much as it is the fact that he is disappointed and upset.  I'm just so sad for him right now.         

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