August 10, 2008

Average Day

Today was just an average day here, but sometimes that is exactly what I need.  Ryan slept late, well late for him equals anything after 7 a.m., but unfortunately I was up at 5:50 a.m. for some reason.  He's been so good about sleeping lately.  I think all the standing and crawling is wearing him out.  Today we got to sit in the back yard again under the tree closest to our deck.  I'm so thankful that the previous owner planted the trees, even if they aren't quite what I would have chosen.  Ryan sits so well when we are outside because he doesn't like the grass yet, so he just sits and takes it all in.  I absolutely love that because it gives me a break from chasing him all around the living room.  We both seem to like the fresh air, change of scenery, and the quiet quality time we get out there.  However, every day there is at least one moment when I look at our beautiful child and really wish Pat could be here to see him.  During that moment, my pride for Ryan is combined with sadness for all that Pat is missing out on.  I cannot do anything to change it, and Pat is living his dream, so I move on with my day and enjoy the peaceful moments that Ryan and I share.      

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