August 29, 2008

Savings--Good and Bad

I am a saver.  I love saving money.  I look forward to clipping the coupons in the Sunday newspaper.  I like finding good deals on the products I buy.  

During deployments I go into super-saver mode.  I barely spend any money except on necessary groceries.  I make sure all debts are paid off and our savings accounts grow.  

Those are all the good aspects of my saving.

However, my desire to save goes a little overboard.  After I enter the deployment super-saver mode, it is hard for me to break out of it and spend money.  I become what some may call cheap.   It takes Pat a lot of effort to ease my extreme savings habit.  

Today I decided to go shopping.  I didn't end up buying anything.  I just cannot justify buying any clothes or such when I never really see anyone.  Why do I need to look good if I'm just playing here with Ryan?  Yes, I will probably splurge and buy some things before Pat comes back, but until then what is the point?  

I know I must sound crazy.  

The other thing about my saver mentality that annoys me is that I save my material possessions for special occasions.  My nice clothes, jewelry, fine china all sit tucked away waiting for special occasions.  I think I'm afraid of wearing things out, so I save them.  I never really find special occasions to use any of them either.  I wish I would just enjoy my things because after all they are only material possessions that can be replaced, but I just cannot break my habit of saving.    

1 comment:

Devon said...

Shelly! You are so not strange! I totally wish I had a job so I could buy new clothes for fall - there is no point if I sit at home with the babies :)
Yay for clipping coupons and discount shopping!

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