September 1, 2008

I Miss Oklahoma

I miss Oklahoma.  I'm sure some of you find that strange coming from me because I never really thought I liked Oklahoma that much.  Now that I'm not there anymore I realize how many things I really enjoyed and took for granted.  Don't get me wrong though, there are some definite improvements with our new post, specifically the shopping and dining.  It is also nice to have the city so much closer here.  Whenever I day dream my thoughts tend to lead back to my life in Oklahoma.  This could be because I was there so long and was used to life there, or maybe I really miss it.  I enjoyed the small town feel that I got there.  I miss the dog park that we went to every weekend.  I miss the three mile track.  I miss my neighborhood and my house.  I miss how close everything in town was compared to here.  I wish Ryan could go to the OKC zoo because Nashville zoo just doesn't compare.  I'm sure when Pat comes home and we start making memories here I'll move on and stop missing OK.  I'll find things here that one day I'll miss when we move again, but I think until then I'll be missing Oklahoma.      

1 comment:

Mroszczyk Family said...

You should come out and visit us when we are there for career course!!

Oh and I have a FANTASTIC picture of Porter eating watermelon that I need to send you!! He loves watermelon too!

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