August 20, 2008

Special Delivery

It's been a very good mail week here at my house.  It started off with my new subscription to Redbook arriving.  (maybe I'm a dork, but I don't care)  Then Grammy and Grumps (my parents) sent Ryan a water table to play with.  That has been very fun.  Hopefully soon I'll put a video of that on youtube.  Today the buildasign came, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't wait till I can hang it up.  Best of all my house is filled with the fragrance of lilies from the flowers Pat sent me just because.   I am very happy today.   


Devon said...

It's okay, Shelly! I get Southern Living and Better Homes and I old or what?
I am happy that you are happy!

Mroszczyk Family said...

I LOVE Redbook!!!!! I'm so sorry about Abbey...I hope they find out for sure what it is. If you ever need to vent, I am here!

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