August 8, 2008


In honor of today's date I wanted to do something with 8.  Since I've been complaining on my blog a lot, I wanted to do something different.  I decided to list 8 things I am grateful for today so here it goes... 

1.  Every laugh and smile I get from Ryan.  They make my day so much better.  
2.  Having the luxury to stay home and care for Ryan.  I am very lucky to be able to watch him grow and learn each day.  
3.  A wonderful webcam date with my husband.  I've only seen him online twice since he left.  The first time was great, but the camera was just looking at the side of his head when he typed.  Today I got to actually look right at him and see each of his facial expressions.  It was like being with him again, and I loved it.  
4.  Today was a glorious day about 85 degrees, sunny, and not too hot.  Ryan and I sat in the grass under a shady tree and watched the dogs play.  It was a very fun afternoon.  
5.  My family and friends who provide me such wonderful support.  I look forward to each phone call with them, and they help me get through this deployment.  
6.  I've made it another day closer to seeing Pat and that summer is almost over.  I absolutely love fall; it is my favorite season although winter is a close second.  Hopefully time will continue to fly by so that our family can be reunited soon.  
7.  Pat has a pretty safe job this deployment.  I only have to worry about the occasional flights to different FOBs, instead of him constantly driving convoys like last time.  
8.  I'm thankful I found one last cup of rice pudding in the fridge.  I wanted something for dessert, but of course my fridge and cabinets are almost bare.  I don't know why there is rice in pudding, but it hits the spot.  

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