August 13, 2008

All These New Things

To go along with his new skill of standing, Ryan has begun standing up in his crib.  Sometimes he does this when he wakes up, but other times he does this when he doesn't want to go to bed.  He'll just stand and cry and cry.  This poses a little bit of a problem because he doesn't know how to sit back down, and I'm afraid he'll bang his head on the crib.  

Ryan is also getting one of his top teeth in.  However, it's coming so slowly and bothering both of us.  The past two nights Ryan has not slept well, which means I have not slept well either.  For his sake I wish this tooth would cut all the way through already.

Somehow I've become the HHT FRG Leader.  I'm not really sure how I ended up here, but I am.  It's a little funny because I don't know anyone in this FRG, I barely know post, and I'm definitely not familiar with this unit.  I guess this will be an adventure.  

Along with this new FRG leader position there was a meeting scheduled for Thursday.  I called for daycare on Monday morning and they were booked.  Then the meeting got moved to the following Tuesday.  I called this Tuesday and they don't have the hours I need for daycare.  Ryan has never gone to daycare so the first time I leave him will be so scary, but it doesn't look like I'll be leaving him too soon since I can't get care.  So how am I going to go to the meeting?  The LTC's wife says to bring Ryan.  She obviously doesn't know that he is very active and probably won't behave.  Unfortunately I don't see any other way this time though, but I bet I'll spend half the meeting in the hallway with Ryan.  

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