June 22, 2011

Things I'm Loving: Organization Style

Let me begin with something I'm loving that isn't organization related.

1.  AF-S DX NiKKOR 18-105 mm Camera Lens
I haven't mentioned it yet, but for our anniversary Pat surprised me with a new lens for my DSLR camera.  I'm no photographer, and I give permission for all you photographer people to giggle at the ignorance I type next.
While we were on vacation I brought my two lenses.  I call one the "regular one" and the other my "super zoom".  When we go to the zoo and such I make sure I have my super zoom on.  The only issue then is that I have a hard time capturing the kids when they are standing close to me.  When we went to the beach, I had the regular lens on because I wanted to capture photos of the kids.  However, that is when the air show happened to fly by, and my lens just wasn't strong enough to capture good photos of that.
I kept telling Pat that I wish they made a lens that combined my regular and my super zoom.  I didn't know that they in fact do make lenses like that.  (See?  I told you I know nothing about photography.)  The lens Pat bought me is about double the zoom of my regular and about half my super zoom.  It still can zoom out so when the kids are close I have no issues taking pictures of them.  I haven't had a chance to really play with it yet, but I'm excited that maybe I won't have to switch my lenses as much.

Now back to the organization.  I'm been in an organizing mood lately, and my house always needs that.  So yesterday I went shopping for a few items to help keep things in their place.

2.  Mail/Paper Box

I'm trying really hard to de-clutter the kitchen.  We have the bad habit of taking the mail into that room.  I've now outlawed mail going onto the counter.  We have a mail rack by the front door we will use.  However, some things still end up on the counters like receipts or important papers that we both need to address.  I found this cute little solution for the receipts and other random papers that come in the kitchen.  Plus it matches my menu board.

3.  Over The Door Hook
I wanted to also keep my purse off the counter.  The kids reach for it when it's there, and it just takes up too much space.  Pat bought me an over the door hook that will help keep it out of the way.

4.  Toothbrush Holder
Sure, it's just a toothbrush holder.  I'm using it to keep the spoons for Abbey's medicine off the vanity counter top.  The powder turns a bit sticky in the humid air and the counter accumulates a film.  I am constantly scrubbing it off.  So now the counter will remain clean.

5.  Jewelry Display
 I found this at T.J.Maxx.  Recently a bunch of blogs have been showing how they store their jewelry.  I was in bed the other morning thinking about how I need to clean up the top of my dresser.  I have a lot of jewelry boxes on top.  I figured with some sort of jewelry display it would all be together, and if I can see it maybe I'll wear it more often.  I'm not sure if this will be the final storage solution, but it's good enough for now.  I would take a photo with my jewelry on it, but I'm a bit ashamed of how badly my silver needs a polishing.

6. Dog Food Storage 
I wish I bought this years ago.  I was using tupperware containers with snap on lids.  These are small but hold 15+ lbs of food.  The top spins on to keep the food fresh.  They don't take up as much space, and make getting the food really easy.  

So while these things may seem boring, getting a clean, organized house is worth a little boredom, right?



Lisa said...

Getting organized and de-cluttering feels so good! I like your new organization helpers.

The Fischer Family said...

You have some great products there! I'm trying to declutter as well. Isn't a long process!?!? Good luck in your endeavor!

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