June 8, 2011

A Bit About Sean

Sean is changing so fast in the past couple of weeks.  Since we spent the week in Disney with my family, he's really starting to use some words to communicate.  He's not going to talk your ear off, but I'm happy he's starting to try verbal communication (other than just screaming).

During our trip away the boys slept together in the hotel beds with bedrails.  Ryan is used to big beds, but Sean was used to a crib.  Often times I would have to lay with them, but he did much better than I expected sleeping in a bed.  When we got home he wanted to still sleep in the queen size bed (spare bed) we have in his bedroom.  We put the bedrails on it and now that is where Sean spends bedtime and naptime.  He's done really well with the transition.  This morning while he was still sleeping, I jumped into the shower.  When I got out and dressed I heard someone moving the toys in the living room.  Sean had made no noise on the monitor, so I thought maybe Pat was home early from PT.  I looked in the living room, and there was Sean awake and playing with his toys.  He's such a cutie pie.

The last thing I'll tell you about Sean is that he peed on the potty last night.  I do not think my son is potty trained or even well on his way.  He's still very young in my opinion and I'm fine with him doing it in his own time.  However, he frequently tells me he wants to go potty.  He then sits there very contently and likes to wipe himself with sheets of toilet paper.  Last night Ryan was going potty before bed, and Sean wanted to go.  He took off his pants and was ripping at his diaper.  He's never actually peed on the potty before, so I let out a sigh about taking off his very freshly changed diaper.  Since I want to encourage him though I decided to let him sit there.  Well, wouldn't you know he peed on his potty.  I'm proud of him, and I think this is a step in the right direction for him understanding the process when he is ready.

My little baby boy is turning into such a big boy!

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Jessica said...

sounds like Sean is hitting some major milestones ;)

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