June 24, 2011

Excited About Elmo

A couple nights ago, we made a quick trip to Target before dinner.  Ryan will not let us go to Target, which he calls "the mall down the hill", without browsing through the toy section.  This time Pat had the boys and the cart at the toys, while I was off looking in the kitchen stuff for a minute.  When I got back to the boys, Pat said Sean found an Elmo and wasn't going to let it go.

It was small and inexpensive, so I figured we'd buy it for him.  We also found a Batman toy (on clearance) that Ryan wanted.  Both boys were happy.

Coincidentally earlier that day Pat and I were talking about getting tickets to see Sesame Street Live 1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo for this upcoming weekend.  After seeing Sean's reaction to Elmo in Target, Pat and I both knew we had to try to get tickets.

On the way home from Target we stopped at the grocery store and bought our tickets.  I am so excited for this weekend.  Both boys are going to love it.  And we're going to love seeing smiles on their cute little faces.



Anonymous said...

Lucy was obsessed with Elmo a year or so ago. We also took her to see Elmo Live in OKC. It was a good show, I would recommend it.

Kerry said...

Who doesn't love Elmo? He's adorable!!...enjoy the show :)

Christina said...

That's awesome. I know you will all enjoy it. There is nothing better then to be able to put a smile on your kid's faces and that show will surely do it.

PS That's cute (the mall down the hill).

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