June 5, 2011

Disney World

We spent a week in Disney World.  It was probably my favorite trip yet.  Not only was it magical to see it through the eyes of my children, but we had great company down there.  We were with my parents aka Grammy and Grumps and my sister and brother-in-law aka Auntie Rie and Uncle Justin.

We stayed at Disney's Old Key West Resort in a Grand Villa.  It had three bedrooms and four baths.  We had a full kitchen and dining area.  It was a perfect home away from home and big enough that we could all be together.  It was also a very relaxing resort.

These are pictures of the resort I took during a boat ride we went on.

This was a view from our balcony.  One of the last days we were there we enjoyed a rainbow.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it was beautiful.

My handsome hubby on the boat ride we took.  We're so glad to have him home and be able to go on vacation with him.

I'm noticing now that I'm uploading that we didn't take too many photos in the parks.  We formed amazing memories though.  Here are a few photos that I did take.  

Mommy and Ryan entering the park.
Ryan on his first ride during this trip.  (Spaceship Earth)  Sean was sleeping so Auntie Rie walked him around.
 Grumps with Sean before going on Journey Into Imagination.  Sean really loved Figment.
 Ryan enjoyed reading the maps at each park.
 We ate lunch with Leo.  (and June, Handy Manny, and Oso)  It was really great food, and Ryan loved seeing the characters.
 The boys met Mickey Mouse.  I don't have a photo of Sean during this because someone (my husband) screwed up my camera settings, and it took me too long to figure it out again.  By the time I had the camera running, Sean had run away from Mickey.  Trust me when I say I was super mad at the hubby, and I let him know.  Don't worry though, I finally forgave him.
Ryan's favorite thing about Disney World was anything Toy Story.  He was so happy when he got to meet Buzz Lightyear.  The look on his face was priceless.  Sean ran away again.  
 Buzz statue by the toy store.
 Ryan and Sean with Mr. Potato Head.
 The boys with Mickey and Minnie statues.  Sean is holding his Figment.  He still really loves his Figment now that we're home.
 Ryan's favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear at the Magic Kingdom.  Although one night he had a bad dream about Zurg and slept terribly.  But he went on the ride again the next day and had fun beating Zurg.  Ryan went on this ride at least 4 times.  Sean enjoyed the ride too, although he was a little too small to aim the gun.
 Both boys liked riding the monorail.  Sean was quite adventurous walking around while it was moving. We had to hold onto him tightly.

This trip really was such an amazing time.  We'll never forget the joy on the boys' faces or the fun we all had together.
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Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a great vacation!

Lisa said...

Seeing the joy on kids' faces at a place like that really is so much fun! I'm so glad you guys had such a good time.

Our Little Fam said...

I am glad that you guys had a blast!! Love the pictures, looks like a great time!

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!
I can't wait till my family gets to go :)

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