June 15, 2011


The last stop of our block leave vacation was Atlanta.  We went there on block leave before Pat deployed and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to stop there again.  We spent two nights there this time.  Here are the last of my vacation photos.  (I'm sure you are relieved that I'll finally stop posting about it.)

View of Centennial Olympic Park from our hotel room.  You can also see Pat's favorite attraction of ATL--World of Coke.
Photo from in the park.  
 There are a couple playgrounds for the kids in the park.  The boys love it there.
 But this is the face Ryan makes whenever the other kids take something he was playing with or even if they come too close for that matter  He's rather shy.
 Sean enjoyed the freedom running around in the park.
 We also went to the Imagine It! children's museum again.  You can see the post I made about our stop there last year HERE.  It is funny to see how much things change and yet stay the same.  We have a very similar photo of Ryan from our last trip there too.
I thought this was one of the coolest exhibits.  As soon as you walk into the room it starts a video that includes you.  The kids loved seeing themselves on TV.  
 They loved banging on the drums too.
 Sean was very impressed when he saw himself on the TV.  He kept walking to the TV and pointed where he had just seen himself.
The boys really loved the museum.  I highly recommend it for anyone that has little children that love hands on activities.
 We stopped by the fountain in the park one afternoon, but after seeing how crowded it was we decided a trip to the hotel pool would be better.

We also went to the Georgia Aquarium which is awesome.  We didn't really get any photos there though.

So that was our block leave vacation.  I am so happy that we got to see a lot of different places AND spend some time with family.  It was a great vacation.

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Anonymous said...

What great ideas for things to do in Atlanta! Love the blog look too!

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