June 23, 2011

At My Worst

Once in a while, I have bad mommy days.  I hate having days like this.  It is at these times that I am at my worst.  Being overtired or just plain in a bad mood shows through to my kids.  My patience is lacking.  I reprimand too often, and I frequently raise my voice.  There is no excuse for these days.

Mothering my children is the task that I am proudest of.  I have such guilt on the days when I know I'm not giving it my all.  My one saving grace on these bad days is nap time.  I am so thankful that both boys still nap.  I sometimes take one too.  On the bad days though, I like to take a minute and reflect on what I'm doing wrong and pray for the patience I need to make the afternoon better.  Sometimes that is all I need to change the day, and even if that isn't enough I always know tomorrow will be better.

These days just drag me down though and make me feel awful.   Anyone else have bad days like this?

Yesterday was one of the bad days for me, but today is one of the many great and amazing days that I get to spend laughing with my boys.  I hate that I have days of cranky moods with the kids, but at least the good days far, far outweigh the bad ones.  I'm working on finding a better me that doesn't let the little irritations of life interfere with how I care for my kids.

Thankfully, I can say that today is a new day, and it's all good moods here.



addicted2shius said...

You are not alone in this! Being a mother is a bittersweet job. You love it but it is exhausting in a way that no one else but another mother can understand. We all have bad days. And all of our saving graces is nap time or better yet, bed time. There is a reason why people tell mothers with newborns to take advantage and sleep when they do. Because it is healing and rejuvenating. I still do it though my youngest is 3. It helps!

Monica said...

I think it would be a safe bet to say that ALL mother's (parent's) have bad days once in a while. None of us are perfect. Cut yourself some slack and realize that you are an excellent parent, just based on the mere fact that you realize you have bad days every once in a while.

Erin said...

I absolutely have days like this. I know I am having them because I raise my voice a lot and lose my patience. At the end of the day, I feel terrible that I wasn't a better, more patient mother that day. But I try not to beat myself up about it because we all have those days.

Kerry said...

Don't beat yourself up over it, you are not alone. I think having those bad days is a positive thing at times because it teaches us what we can do to be better so tomorrow isn't the same...We grow, change and learn everyday as mothers, just recognising the fact that you weren't at your best says you're doing a great job!!

Jessica said...

oh, you are so not alone in this feeling...I feel this way a lot...beat myself up often. But, I try to learn from those moments and figure out how I would do/handle it differently.

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