May 15, 2010

Vacation Part 2

After the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga, we headed down to Atlanta. Right after we checked into the hotel we headed out to explore the city around us. Our hotel was right on Centennial Olympic Park and was an AMAZING!!! location. I wish I had taken pictures of the area to show you, but instead all I have is pictures of my cute kids. We were in walking distance to almost everything we wanted to see. Ryan loved being on the park and it provided us many afternoons of fun.

Ryan running free.
Sean giving us a giggle.
Again in his stroller.
Ryan loved being near the World of Coke. He liked these recycling bins. He kept saying "my aga"--which is Ryan speak for my soda.
The next day we went to a children's museum called Imagine It!. I personally wouldn't describe it as a museum so much as play exhibits for kids. Ryan was absolutely over the moon with all the fun stuff to play with. I was afraid we'd never get him to leave.
Sean wasn't as impressed as Ryan was, but he still ended up having some fun.
There was a dress up area, and Ryan wanted to be the fire chief.
And I think he was mighty cute.
It made him happy.
Sean couldn't be left out of the fun.
While Ryan and Pat played at the fishing exhibit, Sean and I went to the baby area. There was a water bed for the babies. Sean was happy to stretch out there.
After the children's exhibit museum, we ate lunch and headed to the World of Coke. Ryan was happy to see the polar bear until he got close to it. He almost ran away until Pat held him and made him feel safe. Ryan's favorite part of the World of Coke was sampling the 60+ flavors of soda at the end. We even gave Ryan the Italian soda named Beverly--which is a bitter and gross tasting, but Ryan wasn't phased. Needless to say, that day was a sugar high for Ryan.

Last vacation entry to come sometime later.

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