March 2, 2010

Picture Post

I had to post a few pictures of the creamy, bubbly goodness that came from this recipe. Ryan didn't really know what to make of it, but he loved it when he was a younger baby starting on table food. Now he thinks it just looked messy on his plate. I cleaned my plate though.

Today I got some cute photos of the boys snuggling in my bed. They are just adorable together. I can't wait to see how they interact in the future when Sean is able to do more. I also think Pat will be very happy to see the moment captured in photos when he returns from JRTC .

While I was making dinner, Sean passed out in his highchair. Normally this would make me feel very guilty, but he hasn't been sleeping all that well and has been in the bad habit of wanting me to hold him all the time (both when he's sleeping and awake). I think it was actually good for him to catch a little nap in the chair. Plus he looked super cute!

1 comment:

Rbarakat said...

Gorgeous boys Shelly and congrats on your new Cricut!

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