March 29, 2010

What a Whirlwind

Pat arrived home. He managed to beg his way onto the earlier buses. We arrived to pick him up that Friday morning, and Ryan was completely over the moon when he saw his Daddy. Unfortunately we ended up waiting almost three hours in the car for Pat to be ready to come home. (not fun!)
Pat also came bearing "news". With the Army news isn't so much news until it happens, until then it is just an idea of what may happen. Anyways, Pat's news is that he may be going with the ADVON party for the deployment, which for the non-military it means he'll be going a month earlier than we originally thought. As always with the Army there is the possibility that the time frame we are planning on could change too. I am just currently crossing my fingers that we are still able to go on our vacation to Atlanta as we have planned.

Saturday we went to the Zoo with the boys. Ryan really liked it. He insisted that he walk the entire time, which made him a very slow and tired boy by the end. The things that amazed Ryan the most at the zoo, however, were sticks on the trails and the water in the ponds and streams. I'm thinking he may really love the aquarium in Atlanta since the water fascinated him so much.
It seems we've been really busy these past few days. We've started working on the "to do before deployment" list. I won't bore you with the details, but there is a lot to do.

The other highlight of the weekend is that we started Sean on baby food. I made some butternut squash, and I think he is rather happy to start solid foods.
And my last bit of excitement came yesterday when I couldn't resist buying this at hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon.
Yes, it is a Cuttlebug (machine used for embossing). I cannot wait to play with it, when I get a free moment.

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Dawn said...

Oh I am so happy your honey is home for now. Just enjoy the time you have and worry about the rest later.
The military can be an unusual way and change for lots of people to understand.
The boys are just adorable.
You will love embossing when you have time to play!

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