March 8, 2010

5 Months Old

Today Sean turns 5 months old. It really doesn't feel like it has been 5 whole months with him. I'll be honest and say that I don't think I fully understand Sean yet. I haven't figured out his personality, but here is what I have learned about him in 5 months:
*He LOVES his daddy. Every night that Pat does come home in time to see the kids, Sean just smiles and coos whenever Pat glances in his direction. I am in awe of the bond the two of them have. I sometimes joke that maybe it is because they look so much alike that for Sean it is like looking in a mirror that ages you 20 something years. But really it is probably because Pat's huge smile is contagious, and Sean loves him that much.
*Sean is a sensitive baby. Nothing really scared Ryan as a baby, but Sean is startled very easily. When he gets upset he has the saddest little pouty face. It is the epitome of sadness written across his face before he cries.
*Sean does not cry that often, but he sure does yell to get our attention when he wants it. He doesn't like to be put down lately, and is content to be held all day long.
*He is quite the talker. He babbles a lot and like I said yells when he's mad about being on his play mat.
*He enjoys watching his big brother and the dogs. I can tell that he'll really like interacting with Ryan as he gets bigger. Lately Ryan has been trying to share his toys with Sean; lets hope that continues over time.
*Overall, he's a very happy baby. He loves human interaction. To comfort him when he is crying all you have to do is pick him up or even talk to him. He isn't all that interested in toys yet, but would be content to have a conversation with you all day long.

He's stolen a piece of my heart and I am content to let him have it. He is a blessing, and we are so lucky to have him as a part of our family.

This weekend has been a very trying weekend physically, emotionally, and mentally for me. I am completely worn out and just trying to get back on track after it. We've had some dog drama, and Sean is sick with what seems to be a cold. He's super congested and basically not sleeping at all unless it is in my arms and even then it is only for short periods of time. I am hoping that as this week begins, I can move on and forget about this weekend.

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