March 1, 2010

Playhouse Disney and See You Later

Playhouse Disney Live was worth every penny. Ryan's smile was priceless. He loved seeing all the characters. If I could, I would probably re-live that moment a million times to see that look on his face over and over again. Sean was a perfect angel too. He sat in our lap during the show and never cried at all. He finally fell asleep at intermission and slept for a short while. He was such a great little boy; I can't believe how easy going he is. It really was a great day and will be a memory I cherish.

Today had its sad moments though too. As I put each kid down to bed, Pat said extra special goodnight's to them and made sure to get great big kisses. I could tell he is sad about going away for the next month, but it is more than that. This trip to JRTC is just the beginning, and it makes the upcoming deployment seem that much more real and close.

I think one of the hardest days of my life thus far will be coming when I have to watch Pat say goodbye to the boys for a year. I will not think about that now though...instead I will dream about all the fun we are planning this spring and on our trip to Atlanta.

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