March 4, 2010

New Toy

A few weeks ago when my friend Robyn came to visit she brought along a "toy" that I have been interested in for many months. It is a fairly expensive item, so I wasn't really sure if I would use it enough to justify the expense. I was also afraid that it would be too high tech for me. After Robyn showed me all that it could do and how exactly it worked, I knew I wanted one.

Shortly before Pat left for JRTC he must have been feeling badly about how he works late all the time, and he bought me my own "toy". This "toy" is the Cricut, a personal electronic cutter. I got the Cricut Create which is the midlevel cutter, because I knew I only intended to use this for scrapbooking, cards, and little home paper projects. Now even though I got the midlevel Cricut, I'll still say that at first it was an expensive investment. You need to buy cartridges, and I quickly became addicted to hunting them on ebay. (I love ebay sometimes.) I can finally say that I think I have everything I could possibly want for it, at least for now.

I've only played around a little with my Cricut because free time is not in abundance around here. I'm just trying to learn about the machine and what it can do. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll start working on the boys' scrapbooks (neither of which have even been started and Ryan is 27 months old...oops I'm slacking).

Here are a few things I've done:

This was the very first thing I cut. I was so proud of it that I mailed it to my sister.
I quickly made this card to send to Pat's brother who is away right now.
I also used it to cut some of my scrap papers into shapes that I use as a type of flash card for Ryan. He really likes that they are shapes unlike regular flash cards.

Hopefully there will be more crafty things to see in the near future.

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