March 11, 2010

Video and Leftovers

I love moments like these.

I like leftovers, especially if they can be re-purposed into a new meal. Lately I've been doing that a lot. Here are a couple meals that gave us leftovers to use again:

I made a homemade meat sauce before Pat left and froze it. I planned to use it for stuffed shells.
I made stuffed shells with the sauce, and it tasted delicious.
But after the shells were all gone I still had a bunch of the meat sauce left over. So I made up some pasta and used the sauce again. Ryan liked that dish too.

Last Friday I made some homemade pizza for me and Ryan. I am not great at making my dough into a round pizza, but it tasted really good so I didn't care.
I still had half the dough left in the fridge from Friday so I used the leftovers from BBQ pulled pork that I made this weekend to make calzones with the dough. I thought they were very tasty, but Ryan was a little confused by them.
My parents are coming into town tomorrow, so I am going to enjoy a little break from cooking while we get some takeout.

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