March 16, 2010

I'm Back to the Blog

I'm back to my blog now. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments and e-mails. I had a lovely visit with my parents, and I was so thankful for their help while we were all suffering from a cold. Ryan even had some stomach issues to go with the cold too. I think we are finally getting through the cold. Ryan is sleeping well, Sean not so much.

I heard from Pat last night. Of course he would casually mention in the conversation that he's coming home a few days later than planned. great...just what I wanted to hear.

Now we are just trying to get back to our regular schedule. I'm trying to figure out fun things to do with Ryan.

I've been trying to do a little scrapbooking/card making when the kids go to bed. I'll post a few photos of them soon. I'm also trying to play catch up on the housework too, so it is a bit disorganized here. I'm just glad the craziness of sickness seems to have passed.

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