March 21, 2010

Learning As I Go

I'm definitely learning as I go as a mother.

Sean has had a lot of trouble sleeping in the past week or so. I've been up with him every two hours through the entire night every night. He wouldn't go back to sleep in his crib, and we had even had to co-sleep a couple nights, which I am not a fan of at all. Last night was looking like it would be more of the same. I swear I've tried just about everything. I decided to take my sister's advice and try swaddling him again. He used to be swaddled every night but starting a few weeks ago he seemed to be too hot and fighting it so we gave it up. Lo and behold, he like it and my night was a million times easier. He still woke up fairly frequently, but was much easier to put back down.

I was actually going to get some sleep for the first time in many nights, but I should have known better because Ryan seems to have come down ill yesterday. He says his throat has a boo-boo so I assure he has a terrible sore throat. Although today he says his ear is hurting him. So now I am not sure if I'm looking at his first earache or if his throat is so sore it feels like his ears hurt, because that happens to me almost all the time when my throat is sore. If it is still bothering him tomorrow, we'll be seeing his doctor. So Ryan came to my bed around 11:30. By 12:30 he had vomited all over my bed. And then the night progressed with him moving between my bed and his bed many times. Oh and I cannot forget the tantrum over his missing "hubba" (helicopter). Thank goodness I was able to find it under the couch with a flash light at 3 a.m.

So my lessons from last night. It is a great thing to have many extra sets of sheets for not only the kids beds, but also your own. I am very thankful that we have at least 3 sets. And although Sean didn't seem to like being swaddled a few weeks ago, he apparently missed it very much and wants to be snug like a bug in a rug.

Here is hoping that tonight I do not have to learn anything other than how the insides of my eyelids look.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Wow the joy of children when they are young. I miss it sometimes.
Hang in there does it better. The rewards are so worth it.
Just stopped in to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and entering my candy giveaway.
Hope you stop in again

Thank you for all your military family does for all of us...we so appreaciate you.

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