February 12, 2010

Valentine's Plans?

Do you have specials plans to celebrate Valentine's day with your Love?

I still haven't come up with any real plans here. Remember, romance in our house has taken on a new meaning since having kids; I haven't even been to the movies since November 2007. So what I'm thinking is making some special food treats that Pat and I can enjoy after the kids are in bed on Valentine's day. I'm pretty sure we have a bottle of sparkling grape juice in the fridge too. (See I told you it would be a little different now!)

I have two gifts that I'm pretty excited to give Pat. Now, Pat and I know that Valentine's day really isn't about giving gifts, but I love the opportunity to try to spoil Pat. He definitely takes good care of me, and I want to give him the things he wants but would never buy for himself. Plus we already know he won't be here next Valentine's day. The only problem is that whenever I think I've really done great on buying gifts for the holidays, Pat undoubtedly one-ups me. Hopefully between what I've got him for Valentine's day and for his birthday coming up next month he'll be a very happy guy. I'll let you know after I give him the gifts.

Pat has a long weekend this weekend. I've got two activities I want to bring Ryan to do. I think we'll really enjoy watching Ryan have some fun. Also, if we have time I want to bring Pat to an awesome running shoe store I heard about so he can get new sneakers for running. Maybe that can be part of his Valentine's day gift....hmm. But it seems all these plans depend on how the kids are doing because it now looks like Sean may be coming down the with cold that Ryan just had. I'm crossing my fingers that my little baby can avoid it, but we'll see.

I think that this weekend promises to be a fantastic one as long as we are together and having fun. Gifts really don't matter, the smiles do.

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