February 15, 2010

A Weekend to Love

This long weekend has been such a wonderful break for our family. We've had lots to love this weekend, especially each other. Here is a recap that gets kind of long.

Saturday morning I received a delivery of roses from Pat. They were beautiful, and he was rather proud of himself for sending them. Since he had given me a gift that day and I cannot wait to give people their gifts, I showed him one of the gifts that I bought for him that I knew would not arrive in time for Valentine's Day. I had ordered him the Band of Brothers blu-ray set. The laptop I bought him is blu-ray capable so he'll be able to watch it when he's deployed too.

Saturday I took Pat to the running store in Nashville that I had heard awesome stuff about. All the reviews were right. I wish I were a runner so I could have enjoyed the store more myself. You bring in your old sneakers, and they look at them and analyze the wear you put on the soles. Then they measure your feet. After that is all done they bring you out the perfect shoe for your foot. Then they have you test it out by running in the parking area. They were really good at their job. The only downside some people might find is that you don't get too much choice in look or color, but in reality a good fit is the most important for running. Pat got lucky and got a good looking shoe that he LOVES. He said they felt "so good" and were really light.

After the running store I convinced Pat to bring me to the mall so I could go to one of my favorite stores...Sephora. I could really play in this store all day long. I got a tinted moisturizer I'd been wanting to try and a new blush that I think I may be in love with. I'm hoping to make a "5 beauty products that I love" post in the near future. So if these products make the grade I'll tell you about them then.

Sunday we went grocery shopping. I saved over $16 dollars in coupons at walmart. I was pretty happy with that accomplishment. We had wanted to go to the local museum in the afternoon, but Ryan desperately needed a good, long nap. Instead Pat and I had some pizza and watched a movie during nap time. For dinner we had some chicken that unfortunately didn't sit well with me or Pat, so we didn't quite enjoy our Valentine's day evening the way we imagined. (By the way, I didn't cook the chicken.)

On Valentine's day I gave Pat the part of his gift that had arrived. It went along well with his running shoes that we bought earlier in the weekend. I got him a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS training watch. We had been talking about them for a little bit, and he expressed interest. He wanted a decent one, but not the super expensive ones. This one seemed to have enough features without being too much. The weather hasn't allowed him to use it yet, but hopefully it will be helpful for his running.

But of course no matter how much I tried to spoil Pat, he spoiled me more. He gave me diamond earrings with black diamond jackets. It was much to generous of him, but I'm not complaining. I secretly love getting jewelry, and he did such a great job picking these out. He knows I like more unique pieces that are not trendy or mass produced, and these were perfect. I am such a lucky wife.

Today we took Ryan to Jump Zone again. Jump Zone is a place here that has about 6 large (and I really do mean large) bouncy houses with slides for kids to go on. Parents can go on with the kids if they want, but to be honest these slides are rather high and fast. I get really anxious when we go here because I feel like it is an accident waiting to happen. The last time we went I met my friend there, and Ryan played with her daughter. After a couple times around he was off on his own going up the giant slides like a pro. (This terrified me, but I was also proud of him.) However, today since we didn't meet up with any of his friends he was much more timid. He made Pat go on every thing with him and didn't want to go anywhere without his daddy. He did go on a few by himself though, so at least Pat could see what a big boy he was. Ryan has so much fun there that we literally have to drag him out of there while he bawls his eyes out. It is rather sad, and I understand where his fit is coming from. So while it is a pain in the butt to have a child throwing a fit, I don't mind as much because I know he's just sad to leave.

We spent a perfect evening tonight watching Monsters Inc. as a family. Ryan seemed to enjoy it, and it entertained me and Pat too. I really want Ryan to see the movie Toy Story sometime, but it is difficult to find because it is currently locked in the vault by Disney. I'm going to keep my eye out for it still.

Pat has tomorrow off, but I think a lot of it will be spent catching up on things around the house. So I’m going to end my long catch up session here so I can spend some quality time with Pat now that the kids are in bed.

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Devon said...

Shelly! Those earrings are soo beautiful! I am glad you all had such a wonderful weekend together. Richard LOVES his Garmin - I tease him and call it his Power Ranger watch! I know Pat will love it!

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