February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday '10

We had some really great family time on Super Bowl Sunday this year. I made some queso dip with leftover homemade chili we had earlier in the week. It was yummy! Then we went to the book store to buy Ryan some more books for bedtime. Ryan was a very good boy at the store. We cuddled with Sean most of the day. He is a very happy baby. Pat and I had some quality talking time which we really needed. And lastly we watched the Super Bowl. Our team wasn't in it, so I didn't really care too much about it.

Sean wore his Patriots gear for the game. I know the Patriots weren't in the Super Bowl, but he still has New England pride.
Daddy and Sean before the game.
Sean being a cutie pie.
Ryan says the queso dip was good...well at least the parts that made it into his mouth and not on his face.
Happy and messy little boy.

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