February 22, 2010

Ryan's Language

Ryan is talking a lot more, but often times what he says is only intelligible to us as his parents. Some of his cute words/phrases are the following:

abra = open (And yes I realize he is saying it in Spanish, but that is just a coincidence. He cannot pronounce open and it sounds like abra. But on that note, he is capable of rolling his Rs very well.)

Lau Ou = Love You

Bubba = Baby

HiNean = Hi Sean, also this is what Ryan thinks Sean's name is.

Ba = Potty (It seems P is a letter Ryan is not capable of saying right now so most of his P words start with a B. Ba is an annoying one though because it sounds similar to the way he says banana, bus, or even puff. So sometimes he'll be saying he wants a banana and I reply saying "you have to go potty?" He quickly corrects me though.)

Eenge = Orange

Abba = Abbey

Ahba = Pizza (We get this once confused with Abbey frequently because they are so close.)

Airmain = Airplane

Hubba = Helicopter

Vroom = Let's go for a ride in the car.

Buh Duh! = Stop that!

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